Unveiling the Astrological Blueprint behind Olivia Rodrigo’s Phenomenal Rise to Pop Stardom!

Since May 2021, when “Sour” came out, Olivia Rodrigo has been living the sweet life. The megastar rose to fame like a rocket, and her hit songs “Driver’s License” “Good 4 U” and album “Sour” have made her a regular at award shows. She even won a bunch of Grammys (and broke one!).

Even more impressive, “Sour” broke records and made Rodrigo the first female solo artist to have four singles from the same album with more than one billion Spotify streams each: “Drivers License” (1.64 billion), “Deja Vu” (1.04 billion), “Good 4 U” (1.67 billion), and “Traitor” (1 billion).

The Astrological Profile of Olivia Rodrigo: Exploring the Elements that Shape Her Personality

Olivia Rodrigo’s birth chart

On February 20, 2003, Olivia Rodrigo was born. This means that her Sun is in Pisces and her Moon is in Libra. I haven’t been told her birth time directly (get at me! ), so let’s concentrate on what we do know. Rodrigo is mostly made up of air and fire when it comes to his elemental energy. This makes her very outgoing, passionate, expressive, and strong-willed.

The Emotional Depth of Rodrigo: Understanding the Connection between Moon and Inner World

Olivia Rodrigo’s birth chart

When we look at her astrological signs, we can also learn a lot about who she is as a person. The first big idea that stands out is that Rodrigo is dramatic. I say this with all my heart. Like, yes, drama queen. But that’s what makes her so brave and full of life. This is written all over her birth chart, and in a very loud voice.
She’s more masochistic than sadistic, but she does have an extreme side to her personality. Let’s take this apart. First of all, her Sun, which controls her life force, is joined with Uranus, the rebel planet. This makes her a very strong-willed and strange person who is determined to get her own way and live by her own set of rules.
On a good day, she can use all of her strength to help herself grow and help other people. If she’s in a bad mood or feels like she’s been wronged, you can be sure she won’t let it go.
The next big idea that comes up is that Rodrigo is very emotional, so much so that it seems as if her heart and soul have an endless amount of depth that she can use for her work and other things. Her Moon, which is a reflection of her inner world, is connected to so many other planets. This gives her emotional world more depth and sensitivity.
Olivia Rodrigo’s birth chart
First, her Moon’s connection to Venus gives her artistic genius, personal charm, and popularity, but it can also make it hard for her to let go of a lost love. Her Moon then dances with Pluto, which sometimes makes her see things as “all or nothing” or “black or white,” especially when it comes to feelings.
Her Moon is opposite Jupiter, which gives her a big personality and makes her talkative and smart. Her Moon also makes friends with Neptune, which gives her a poetic spirit, an idealistic point of view, and a strong magnetic pull that makes everyone around her fall in love with her. Then, her Moon smiles on Mars, which gives her a strong, brave, and daring personality, and Saturn, which makes her even more sensitive.

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