We Have a Ghost Ending Explained: Does Randy Get Answers?

On Netflix, you can now see We Have a Ghost, a film about an actual haunted house. Starring White Lotus’ Jennifer Coolidge and fellow Avengers’ Anthony Mackie, this film also features David Harbour. A new family discovers that their new home is haunted not long after they move in.

Yet, there are still some questions concerning the conclusion that needs to be answered. The unexpected turn of events during the film’s running time has audiences on edge and scratching their heads. Exactly what was Ernest’s problem? Will there be a season two of “We Got a Ghost?” The conclusion to We Have a Ghost is explained here.

We Have a Ghost Plot Synopsis

At the opening of the film, we see a frightened family running from their home. Another family buys the same house without knowing about the previous owners’ secret past. The new proprietors are the Presley siblings, Kevin, Frank, Melanie, and Fulton. As everyone else strives to make Kevin feel comfortable, he is clearly not interested in being cheered up.

Kevin makes friends with his next-door neighbour, Joy Yushino, and eventually learns the truth about the house’s mysterious history. There’s a ghost in this place, and nobody can leave. Kevin, who believes his personal life is even frightening, renders all efforts futile.

Because the word “Ernest” appeared on the ghost’s clothing, he decided to call it Ernest. He fills his loved ones in on his encounter with the ethereal being. When Ernest meets Kevin, they become fast friends. When Frank finds out the truth, the first thing that comes to mind is posting the video online so that he may make money off of it.

Kevin recognises that the trauma Ernest had in the past has caused him to have no memory of his history. He and Joy are investigating his background. On the other hand, the video is a smash hit, and Ernest begins to amass a devoted following. Even TV’s spirit-finding medium Judy Romano paid us a visit as a result.

She thinks Ernest is a hologram and that this is all a trick. Kevin successfully frightens Judy after coaching her on how to scare better. Dr Leslie Monroe, a disgraced former CIA agent, was attempting to capture souls. When she runs into Ernest again, she asks the authorities to restart the operation.

Kevin and Joy figure out that Ernest is not who he claims to be. The actual person does not look like him at all and is still alive. He had stayed at the Presleys’ house in the past. Recognizing that he is the only one who can provide answers, they urge Ernest to go outside and visit him. At a bar, they find a photograph purporting to show the real Ernest and the spirit together before the latter’s death. In the street, Ernest spots a woman who looks familiar. He calls her “Junebug” as he walks up to her.

In her panic, she screams, and her outburst is caught on film by everyone there. This opens the door for Leslie and the CIA to execute the arrest warrant on the spectre. They go up to the Presleys, but Ernest can’t be found. Kevin and Joy grow emotionally close during the course of the inquiry.

Ernest, who they eventually track down, reveals that the spectre is actually Randy, the brother-in-law of Ernest’s wife, Evelyn. Their daughter was born in June, and Evelyn passed away not long after. Randy knocked on the door and asked them to take care of her temporarily. Apparently, he drank himself to death, as Ernest claims he never came back.

We have also covered the release date of we have a ghost 2.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

So, What Happened With Randy? Why Did Ernest Want to Take His Life?

After years of attempts, Leslie is happy that she has succeeded in capturing a ghost. On the other hand, she becomes worried when the CIA advises using him in whatever they see fit despite the fact that he is presumed dead. When Randy unearths a bird badge from his past, it sparks a flood of sentimental recollections.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

When attacking Ernest from behind with a bird statuette, he remembers when Ernest’s wife, Ramona, kidnapped June. He learns out he is not the bad guy. Randy is able to escape from the lab because Leslie rescued him from the scientists.

An unexpected visitor named Ernest shows up at the Presleys’ house. In spite of the fact that they were clueless and Randy had forgotten everything, he still thinks they are on to him and wants to quiet them. He freely concedes that he and Ramona may someday start a family. Once Evelyn passed away, Ramona devised a strategy to get rid of Randy, and Randy complied.

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Is Ernest Still Alive?

Ernest is hellbent on slaying his family as a whole. He also asserts that June is now avoiding them and, presumably, is aware of what happened. Ernest has finally gotten the upper hand on Kevin and is about to kill him when Randy arrives to stop him.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

In a fit of wrath over their antics, he attacks Ernest with a blow to the head. Frank comes just in time to see Ernest stand up and get ready to shoot Kevin. He attacks him, tosses him out the window, and shoots him dead. They (the Presleys) are very happy to be safe.

Does Randy Get Answers?

After this, we lose track of Randy. Kevin claims to the CIA that Randy simply disappeared after resolving his issues, but the agency seems sceptical. Actually, June, who is his daughter, and her family met him afterwards. After a long separation, Randy was able to see her again. Following this, he smiled at the Presleys and disappeared. The CIA keeps pressing Kevin to spill the beans, but he keeps grinning.

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In the future, the Presleys will relocate just five kilometres away. Joy expresses her displeasure, but Kevin reassures her that he will be there to greet her soon. They have a strong mutual attraction for one another.

Wrapping Up

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