Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained: Why Does Wade Turn Against Them?

They’re back, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for everyone’s favorite treasure seekers. Season 3 of Outer Banks has been removed from Netflix. John B. (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), and the rest of the Pogues have been on a treasure hunt, and so far they’ve found the Royal Merchant and the Cross of Santo Domingo. They must now determine how to obtain the legendary city of El Dorado.

Whether you’re looking for a synopsis before you start watching or a recap after the credits roll, we’ve got you covered. Find out who dies at the end of Outer Banks Season 3 and everything else about the season finale right here.

Outer Banks season 3 Plot

Big John’s (Charles Halford) resurrection likely filled John B’s dreams with the love and support of a father figure. Nothing of the sort occurred. After Big John returned, John B and his girlfriend Sarah broke up, in large part because Big John still didn’t trust Sarah’s Cameron.

Even though we know that Sarah is a Pogue at heart, Ward’s (Charles Esten) doubt was fair given that Ward was the one responsible for Big John’s abduction.

Sarah was abandoned at the worst possible time due to mistrust. In order to be with John B., she betrayed her mad family. You guessed correctly; that was not well received.

Sarah had no one to return to when she got back from Poguelandia, and she also didn’t have a place to call home or a man who would stick with her. As a result, she went back to her ex, Topper (Austin North). John B. and Sarah’s relationship was mended after some effort on both sides.

Yet that isn’t the only radical shift Big John prompted. After he returned, John B. and his pals set out to find El Dorado, the legendary lost city of gold. The film “Mystery of the Gnomon” continued from there. The rest of the Pogues, including John B, boarded Ward’s jet when Big John was caught and carried to the Orinoco Basin. They used fireworks to their advantage and freed Big John, at which point the real fun began.

Our two newest couples, JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kie (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Cleo (Carlacia Grant), had to separate as Big John, Ward, John B, and Sarah departed in search of El Dorado. In a moment, we’ll circle back to this side of the gang. At this time, our treasure-hunting team is our top priority.

Ward stayed behind with the boat when they arrived at the location where El Dorado was thought to be accessible, saying that he was too weak to continue on. The trio of Big John, John B, and Sarah continued on even though Big John still didn’t put much faith in his son’s girlfriend. By moonlight, they deciphered the remaining clues. That temporary triumph, however, did not persist.

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Outer Banks season 3 Ending Explained

Why Does Wade Turn Against Them?

John B., Sarah, and Big John set out on foot to reach Solana, where the signboard requiring the idol or gnomon to be placed in order to obtain El Dorado’s location, is located. When placed in the correct location and at the correct time, the gnomon’s shadow will indicate the direction.

Outer Banks season 3 ending explained

If Singh’s men show up there, Wade will be there to sound the alarm. But he turns them over to Singh’s men and tells on them. To reach John B. and the others, the other Pogues follow Singh and his troops.

The three men, John B., Sarah, and Big John, trek for hours before finally reaching Solana. The gnomon is positioned, and the instructions are deciphered using Pope’s newly discovered key, which is revealed when the moon reaches its apogee. Singh, his men, and Wade, though, make it. Wade had bargained with Singh that, in exchange for Sarah’s protection, Singh would assist him in locating John B and his father.

If Big John doesn’t tell Singh everything, Singh threatens to kill John B. They learn nothing from Big John, but Sarah is able to rescue John B. She refuses to flee with Wade, even when they come under fire from Singh’s men, and she threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t back off.

After first mistrusting Sarah, Big John comes around and starts to like her. The trio makes it to safety, but as they keep seeking the gold, they learn that Big John was shot.

Do John B. And Sarah End Up Finding the Treasure?

Big John is hurt, but it doesn’t stop the other two from searching for treasure. Sarah follows a noise she has heard and takes them to a cave. They investigate the cave further and discover an underwater passage. John B. and Sarah are searching for gold, so Big John gives them three flares and sits out.

They continue to explore but soon reach an impasse. In the pitch black, Sarah asks John B. to send out a flare so that they can find their way. The treasure trove of gold they’d been seeking finally materializes. They pack up what they can fit into their suitcases and plan to return for more.


Do the Pogues Get the Gold?

Singh locates the cave by following Big John’s blood trail. He threatens Sarah and John B with a gun and orders Big John to reveal his whereabouts. In response, Big John has threatened to blow the cave up, permanently blocking access to the city of gold. While Singh believes Big John to be bluffing, the latter actually acts on his threat. Singh is killed in the blast, while the other three escape unharmed.

Outer Banks season 3 ending explained

Wade, the other members of the group, and Singh’s goon all arrive in their hideout as a result of the blast. The group shows up just as Wade is about to kill Big John. Sarah is ultimately successful in persuading him to refrain from doing so.

But Ryan, one of Singh’s goons, will be there as well. In his mind, Singh’s death was Sarah’s doing, therefore he resolves to eliminate her first. While attempting to stop Ryan from shooting her, Wade gives his life.

Since Ryan and Wade are now dead, the Pogues can escape with the gold that John B. and Sarah brought with them. Big John refuses medical treatment, telling John B that he is the best son before passing away in his arms.

What Happens to the Pogues After They Find the Gold?

The people of Outer Banks still celebrate John B and his friend’s discovery of gold 18 months later.

John B and Sarah now run a surf store together, while Kiara is working to protect turtles, Pope is returning to school, and JJ recently purchased a charter boat. An individual approaches the party, revealing a manuscript of Captain Edward Teach Blackbeard’s journals and announcing a new adventure.

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