Aggretsuko Season 5 Ending Explained: Who is Responsible for Haida’s Truck Crash?

Aggretsuko, the Netflix series starring the crazy red panda Retsuko, returned in February 2023 for a fifth and final season. Since season four was released over two years ago, fans have been eagerly awaiting the final season to find out what kind of adventure Retsuko has in store for them.

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Aggretsuko Season 5 Plot

Haida continues to be a slacker and video game addict because he can’t be bothered to look for work. Retsuko encourages him to find work so she can stop being labeled a pushover and they break up till he does. As time goes on, Haida’s gaming spree with his online gamer pal grows more and more obsessive, and he eventually loses his job and is evicted from his apartment for failing to pay the rent.

He does odd jobs here and there, but he spends most of his time at the internet café where he hangs out with his gamer pal Shikabane. He tells a fib to Retsuko, telling her he’s still living at home while in fact he and Fenneko have already discovered it to be untrue.

Everyone assures Retsuko that Haida has a girlfriend who is a gamer and is cheating on her. Fenneko uses a phony gamer tag to make friends with Shikabane and Haida online, and then she and Retsuko arrange to meet them in real life and eavesdrop on their relationship.

Haida and Shikabane return to the cafe after Fennelope, aka Fenneko, doesn’t show up, and before they leave for the night, Haida is taken aback by an unexpected visit from Retsuko. She continues to be angry, but the matter is explained and concerns are allayed. She then moves in with Haida, which initially brightens her up but quickly becomes a horrible experience. Meanwhile, her mother unexpectedly visits and finds out that her daughter is currently cohabitating with her lover.

Before meeting Retsuko’s parents, Haida wants to secure employment. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he looks, he just can’t seem to come up with a single solution. After first pretending that everything is alright, he finally meets the parents and admits that he is currently jobless. The news doesn’t seem to bother Retsuko’s parents too much.

When Haida inquires about Shikabane, she finds out that she hasn’t been frequenting the café as of late. While this is going on, a suspicious man with stalker tendencies approaches Tadano and inquires about “Aggressive Retsuko,” prompting Tadano to come to ensure Retsuko’s safety.

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Aggretsuko Season 5 Ending Explained

Does Retsuko Win the Ward 8 Elections?

But alas, Retsuko loses to Haida’s brother Jiro and settles for second place. Yet she gives it her all and can sometimes even excite and rile up large groups of people with her roaring voice. The road isn’t easy for her, though; she struggles at the outset, losing her voice and her fury in the face of a huge endeavor and the labor it necessitates.

Aggretsuko season 5 ending explaineds that she is slouching and seems discouraged, which is not like her at all. This prompts him to tell her about the time she beat him in Karaoke with her wrath voice, which she uses to this day, and she is once again motivated to start her campaign.

Season 5 of Aggretsuko reveals that Jiro wins the election despite Retsuko, Haida, and the rest of the campaign’s efforts. After his victory, Jiro warms up to Haida and Retsuko.

Who is Responsible for Haida’s Truck Crash?

A truck nearly ran over and killed Haida, but he was able to escape. Retsuko runs over to him in complete disbelief as he sits on the sidewalk, hands trembling and mind wandering. This is probably one of the competitors’ dirty tricks meant to discourage them, but Haida thinks it goes too far. Retsuko, already heartbroken, reacts by announcing through wet eyes that she would no longer be continuing in the race.

Yet Haida’s renewed resolve inspires her, and he urges her to keep fighting and to help those who have given up hope, like Shikabane. At the end of the fifth season of Aggretsuko, Jiro explains to his brother and Retsuko that the truck disaster was not his fault, and Haida accepts his explanation without question.

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Does Haida Find a Job?

After a string of unsuccessful job interviews and a crushing sense of failure, Haida finally lands a position. In actuality, he works a series of jobs up to the one he has following Retsuko’s political campaign.

Aggretsuko season 5 ending explained

At the start of Aggretsuko season 5, Haida is still unemployed and lazing off while rumors about him are the talk of the office where Retsuko works. Despite his assurances to Retsuko that he would find gainful employment, he instead spends most of his time playing video games while his belongings pile up around him.

Later, his humiliation at the hands of Jiro, his younger brother, leads to his eviction from his flat. But until he gets his act together, Retsuko isn’t going to talk to him either. Even after starting a physically demanding job on a construction site, he is first unable to do so. Yet, with Retsuko’s help, he gradually gets well and starts working at a supermarket.

He quits to help Retsuko with her election campaign, and then he gets a new job, but by the end of Aggretsuko Season 5, we still don’t know what he does for a living.

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