Can You Actually Find a Relationship on Tinder?

Tinder tends to be associated with flings and hookups, but is that really all it has to offer? Contrary to popular belief, you can actually find a relationship on it. While swiping profiles feels shallow, there are actual people with feelings behind the photos.

Some people are looking for meaningful connections, while others prefer something more casual. Finding a serious relationship on the dating app boils down to standing out, having an authentic and genuine profile, and sharing details about your lifestyle and interests, so you attract the best matches. Here are some tips to further your journey and improve your prospects on the platform.

Have good pictures

If you look great, but no one can see, there’s no purpose in it. No matter how you look, though, you improve your chances by having pictures that show you in the best light looking as attractive as possible, without it being misleading, of course.

Lower your standards

Of course, it’s important to know what you’re looking for when you search for someone on Tinder. However, being idealistic isn’t likely to get you a lot of matches unless your profile is irresistible. You’re excluding many users who are relationship material. It’s more about what relationship you choose to build than about the person you choose. There is no doubt the person needs to feel special, but don’t look for perfection. It’s a sure way to fail.

Display your personality

List what you really like to attract like-minded folks. If you like dogs, upload some photos with a furry friend. It’s the same with interests like art, history, swimming, etc. If you’re an architecture buff, take some pictures in front of beautiful or well-known buildings. If you like the beach, add a few seaside photos for other users to enjoy.

Take things less seriously

If you’re taking it too seriously, you’ll get frustrated quite soon. Your need for a relationship can be misleading. For example, you might start to think someone is really special after texting them a few times. An excessive focus on finding “The One” takes the pleasure out of Tinder, which is supposed to be fun.

It might be time to change how you approach things if Tinder is starting to feel like a drag. You might even consider taking a break from it because it will take time to find that special person. You can meet people in real life, like at a yoga or salsa class or at work.

Situationships on Tinder

Let’s explore situations that feel like real relationships but aren’t. So-called situationships are a prime example. When you have a situationship with someone, it’s like a relationship before the fact. They’re not a partner yet, but they’re not friends with benefits either. You’re dating but not really, and you don’t know how to describe the relationship. It’s just something that feels right, and you’re going with the flow.

You don’t have deep conversations, and you don’t discuss the future. You only talk about the here and now. You can watch Netflix comfortably for hours in bed and fall asleep together. You’re past the dinner date stage. You’re not consumed with what they might think of you. You feel accepted.


This is a type of relationship where one or both of you ghost in and out. Some time passes before they text back, and things are great until you get ghosted again. You don’t know what it means when they say “see you later” or “talk soon” and/or vice versa. You’re not committed to them in any way. You don’t have meaningful conversations, and you’re only sometimes delighted about waking up next to them in the morning.

Ghosting works that way; it’s not something you should take personally. They might appear out of the blue once you’ve forgotten them. Blasts of the past are always fun.

Final thoughts

You can achieve an actual relationship via Tinder, although it doesn’t happen often, and many couples don’t admit that they met on Tinder. In some cases, the app is just a stepping stone for meeting like-minded people. It’s rare, but some Tinder users really are looking for love. They might seem delusional, but one does wish them the best.

Casual relationships are easy to find on Tinder, but if you want something meaningful and profound, finding that is not out of the question either.

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