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Part I: What Causes MP4 File Corruption?

Part II: Your One-stop Comprehensive MP4 File Repair Tool: Wondershare Repairit

Part III: How To Prevent MP4 File Corruption: Helpful Tips

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If a video file seems alright but does not play, it is likely corrupt. Now, before you panic and worry, let us assure you that all is not lost. You can repair corrupted video files if you have the right video repair tool with you.

Part I: What Causes MP4 File Corruption?

You might say that a file is a file is a file, but video files work differently because they comprise of frames, and even a single dropped frame can cause video stutter and that would be a loss. So, when you want to repair MP4 file you need a specialized tool to do the job properly. But what causes MP4 file corruption? Here are the common causes.

Download Errors and File Transfer Issues

Packet loss during file downloads is one of the most common reasons for MP4 file corruption. In such cases, you should try downloading the file again, or, in case you want to save on time and bandwidth, consider using a video repair tool. File transfers between disks such as from internal storage to USB flash drives or vice versa, if disrupted for whatever reason, could be why the video files are corrupt and won’t open.

Improper Handling

Storage media, regardless of it being internal or external, needs to be handled carefully. In case you are in the habit of switching your computer off directly through the mains, or your laptop off directly from its power button, you are in for a rude shock one day or the other. That’s because one fine day, there will be some data in system memory that was not written to disk before shutting off as the supply was turned off abruptly, and those files will become corrupt. Worst case, the entire disk could become unbootable, and you will have to reformat the disk and reinstall the operating system.

Part II: Your One-stop Comprehensive MP4 File Repair Tool: Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit is a one-of-a-kind software that can be summarized as a complete video file repair solution with two key advantages over any other video repair software.

II.I: Key Advantages of Wondershare Repairit

1. Wondershare Repairit can repair not just video but any file format. So, one software repairs over 1000 file formats.

2. Wondershare Repairit has an Advanced Video Repair mode that uses sample videos added by users to better (and more accurately) repair severely damaged videos. This enhances the video repair success rate, far more than rival software.

II.II: Why Users Love Wondershare Repairit: Other Noteworthy Features

– Users can use Repairit for video file repair, PDF repair, Office documents repair, JPEG repair, MP3 audio repair, practically any file format is supported for repair, in one app.

– Users have a choice of platforms to use Repairit on. They can use it on their Macs and Windows PCs and also use Repairit inside a web browser if they want to!

– Repairit is by far the easiest file repair tool ever with a simple, 3-step process to repair all kinds of files.

– Repairit offers a free, fully featured file previewer that can save you time.

– Repairit also supports multi-format batch processing which means you can add any file format to a single repair queue. This is a game-changing convenience feature when dealing with several file formats that need repair.

How To Repair MP4 Files with Wondershare Repairit

Step 1: Select Video Repair and add files by clicking the Add button or dropping into the software.

Once added, you can see the file information and a thumbnail for reference and convenience.

Step 2: Click Repair to start the repair process.

Once the repair is done, you can preview the files by clicking the Preview button by each file.

Step 3: Click the Save button in the Preview pane to save the file. Or, if you did not want to preview, you can click Save by each file to save them individually or Save All at the bottom to save them all in one go.

When the files are saved, click OK and you are done.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Batch Processing with Multi-format Support

There is a special feature in Wondershare Repairit that will make your job that much easier in case you want to repair several files and several kinds of files. Say you want to repair 5 Word documents, 10 images, 3 PDF files, 1 movie file, and 6 audio songs. What do you do? With Repairit, you can add them all together (during step 1) and Repairit will process them all in a single processing queue, no need to add them one after the other in separate queues. That is a huge time saver!

Part III: How To Prevent MP4 File Corruption: Helpful Tips

Video file corruption is particularly bad because quite often, just a few dropped frames can cause the entire video to become unplayable. Most people make family memories in videos everyday these days, thanks to high-quality 4K and 8K video devices that can fit in their pockets! So, the question arises, how can we prevent video file corruption to avoid losing precious memories? Here are some helpful tips.

Tip 1: Keep Backup Copies

The idea is simple. If you have backup copies of your videos, then if they become corrupt on one location, you still have perfectly playable copies on another. That way, you have not really lost anything. You can simply copy them again.

Tip 2: Care During File Transfers and Downloads

If your internet connection is choppy or slow, chances are that any file you download could possibly suffer from packet loss, causing data corruption. Check the files for proper functioning after download so that you can redownload right away and avoid surprises later. When copying/ moving files from one location to another, make sure that memory-intensive software are closed so that the file transfers can proceed smoothly without errors. Any error during transfer will likely result in file corruption.

Tip 3: Protection from Viruses and Malware

Windows systems have long borne the brunt of viruses and malware, so Windows users are habituated to using an antivirus or antimalware program of some sort. However, new data suggests that malware on the Mac is also on a rise, which means that the Mac has never been more vulnerable than it is today. So, invest in an antivirus/ antimalware solution to keep your files safe.

Closing Words

Businesses usually have data redundancy in place to avoid situations of data loss, but home users are especially vulnerable to data loss and data corruption. Our home computers contain precious memories in videos and photos, and video file loss can cause serious heartache. Use the tips provided in part III of the article to minimize data corruption, and in case you want to repair corrupted video files, use a tried and tested complete file repair solution such as Wondershare Repairit to comprehensively repair video files in one click.

Wondershare Repairit Free Download:

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