Where is Angelyne Today? Is She Still Alive or Not?

Angelyne, born Ronia Tamar Goldberg, was the “it” girl before the Kardashian-Jenner family became social media influencers and moguls. In the 1980s, the blonde’s celebrity skyrocketed because of Billboards that featured her toned body in various locations across Los Angeles. Angeline’s debut Billboard appearance was in 1984, and since then, she has become a multi-genre superstar. Basically, she became a symbol of Los Angeles.

Even in 2022, when her name is spoken, Angelyne still causes a stir. Peacock has really just launched a limited series about the life of the LA icon. People on social media are interested in hearing about Angelyne’s newest successes as word of the series spreads.

So, where is Angelyne now? Keep reading to find out.

Who is Angelyne?

In 1984, Angelyne, an American singer, actress, media personality, and model, sprang to fame after a series of suggestive billboards featuring her name and a picture of her popped up across Los Angeles, California. As a result, she began receiving proposals from local film studios, magazines, and television shows. Her pink Corvette is an integral part of her public persona.

Her billboards have been parodied or used as set dressing in several popular animated shows and animated movies, including The Simpsons, Futurama, and BoJack Horseman, and in the opening credits of Moonlighting. It wasn’t until 2017 that the public learned Angelyne’s true name, age, and identity.


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Is Angelyne Still Alive?

Angelyne is, by all accounts, doing OK; she and her pink Corvette are still a common sight on the streets of Los Angeles. The success of her first billboard, which she released in February 1984, led to the creation of additional albums and singles by her. Furthermore, Angelyne has made numerous cameo appearances in films such as “Earth Girls Are Easy” and “The Frisco Kid.” Throughout the city, she had over 200 billboards by 1995.

Outside of her careers in advertising and modeling, Angelyne started painting self-portraits in 1998. In an interview conducted in July 2002, she said that despite her many academic art prizes, she stopped pursuing the field after the age of thirteen when galleries refused to exhibit her work. In 1998, she picked back up her long-abandoned hobby, and she has since hosted a number of successful exhibitions. Moreover, the famous influencer revealed that investors and stocks, together with cameo appearances and media coverage of her billboards, account for the bulk of her income.

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Further, Angelyne claims that in November 2001, she spoke at UCLA about her career as an artist. Her own self-portraits have also been used for advertisements. She also gives tours of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard and sells products and artwork on her website. She first entered politics in 2002, when she ran for a seat on the Hollywood city council, and again in 2003, when she represented Los Angeles in the gubernatorial recall election.

Where is Angelyne Today?

Angelyne is still a well-known character in the L.A. area, where she currently resides. Besides her website, she also sells her wares out of the trunk of her car whenever she meets with fans in person. She keeps her followers in the loop by posting new photos and videos frequently.

Angelyne held her first online auction for a non-fungible token (NFT) in April 2021. The NFT was a work of crypto art by Los Angeles-based artist Lizzie Klein. Even in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election, Angelyne ran as an independent. Not even 0.05 percent of voters supported her, thus Gavin Newsom was safe from recall.

When asked about her plans to help the homeless if she were elected in 2021, Angelyne said, “Religious institutions including churches, mosques, and temples will fund The Homeless Project.” To the taxpayer, this will not add any further expense. Participants would gladly give to The Homeless Project without question.


Clergy won’t be able to get their hands on the money donated to end homelessness. Nobody gets to take the cream for themselves. All donations will be publicly viewable on a state-run database. Public service announcements (PSAs) will benefit the cause by spreading the word through many mediums (billboards, radio and television commercials, newspapers, social media platforms, etc.).

Angelyne Career

To support her then-band boyfriend’s Baby Blue, Angelyne joined in 1978. They played at small Los Angeles venues and once supported the Screamers at the Whisky a Go Go by opening for Rubber City Rebels. The band practiced at the punk rock club The Masque. The group issued a 7-inch record including the song “Rock n’ Roll Rebel,” with the track “Fantasy Man” serving as the flip side. The record was limited to just 1,000 copies, all of which went to England.

As the band was unable to attract an audience, posters of her were plastered all around town in an effort to raise awareness. Angelyne was a band whose 1979 song, “Too Much to Touch,” was marketed with posters and flyers.

On the little label Erika Records, she dropped her first self-titled album in 1982. Two renditions of “Sexy Stranger,” a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Teddy Bear,” and the lead single “Kiss Me L.A.” were among the 11 tracks on the 12″ picture disc. Posters advertising the record on bus shelters were also distributed. Another Angelyne song, “My List,” was released by Erika Records in July 1983 and had a music video.

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