Who is the Flash Villain ‘cobalt Blue’? Will He Return in the Flash Season 9?

Who is The Flash villain Cobalt Blue: In this possible editorial, we introduce the villain known as Cobalt Blue and discuss the likelihood of his appearance in the upcoming ninth and final season of The Flash.

This feature article provides an in-depth explanation of who the long-lost brother of the Fastest Man Alive is, dispelling any speculation concerning the identity of Season 9’s Big Bad from The Flash.

Cobalt Blue is our second Flash (Barry Allenillegitimate )‘s brother in the comics. He was born Henry Allen to Nora Allen, but he was adopted by Hugo and Charlene Thawne. He assumed the identity of Malcolm Thawne and approached the notoriously shady Thawnes.

Malcolm debuted in DC Comics’ Speed Force #1, which he co-created with artist Brian Augustyn in the fall of 1997. The alcoholic Dr. Gilmore exchanged Nora’s twin, who would become Malcolm, with Charlene’s baby so he wouldn’t have to face malpractice charges for hurting the baby. Growing up, Malcolm was unable to use the healing powers of the enigmatic Blue Flame because he was not a Thawne.

Malcolm was teased by his biological family for lacking this feature, and they soon found out that he had been adopted. As an adult, Malcolm frequently ran afoul of the law. Malcolm became the supervillain Cobalt Blue because he was envious of everything his brother Barry had going for him and because he witnessed the accident that turned Barry into The Flash.

Here’s why it’s perfect that Cobalt Blue will be The Flash’s final major villain

Since the conclusion of the first season of The Flash, because of Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) and his connection to his future descendant, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Cobalt Blue has been a fan favorite among The Flash community’s comic book readers. Comic book readers were anticipating the arrival of Cobalt Blue after multiple seasons starring the Fastest Man Alive.

A thirteen-episode ninth and final season of The Flash, after nine years, provides a perfect opportunity to employ this villain as a kind of equalizer: Having Cobalt Blue serve as the series’ last boss is a fitting approach to bring the events of the game full circle. Naturally, there are numerous threads to complete in over a dozen episodes, some of which include the Reverse Flash.

Who is The Flash villain Cobalt Blue

As for non-Speedster villains, it wasn’t until Season 6 that Bloodwork and Mirror Monarch were the primary antagonists. Access to the Blue Flame also grants the character special skills that are on par with those of speed demons.

With the help of his adoptive grandmother, Malcolm was able to channel his anger for Barry into a talisman he wore on his chest, giving him extraordinary abilities.

When Malcolm dons the persona and outfit of Cobalt Blue, he is able to perform more than just healing miracles. By channeling this flame, he can project it from his body and his sword, build objects out of flame and take objects, including the superpower of another person.

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Will Rick Cosnett return to his role as Cobalt Blue in season 9 of The Flash?

In season 8, Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Thawne made a cameo as a manifestation of Iris West-sorrow Allen’s in a flashback to 2014, his final appearance in the role. In Season 9, the reappearance of former cast members has become a running gag, with the likes of Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, and Keiynan Lonsdale all coming back for more. Even though we haven’t officially committed to betting on this character, anything is possible.

It’s already been established that Captain Boomerang II, The Rogues, and Red Death are all part of The Flash, thus there’s no need to continue with this paragraph. A “strong new menace” is mentioned in passing in the Season 9 summary. This villain may or may not be the one The CW is alluding to.

Unless there is something private or a hidden project unrevealed to the public, Cosnett could perhaps feature in a recurring capacity, as he is not exactly busy outside of a miniseries in post-production for Apple TV+ and a forthcoming independent film called Stop and Smell the Roses.



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