Is Anthony Padilla Gay? Smosh Star Opens Up About His Sexuality!

Is Anthony Padilla Gay: An American internet celebrity named Anthony Padilla has released a new steamy film featuring the most popular gay star on YouTube, and it is quickly going viral. Could Anthony Padilla be a homophobe? You see, that’s a question that everyone has. Since he became a viral sensation in 2014, the popular YouTuber has been the object of many girls’ affection.

Okay, but what if he’s gay? In the end, it will leave many people feeling devastated. What Anthony has to say about his sexuality, though, may come as a shock. Indeed! At last, he addressed the rumors that had been circulating. Let’s investigate whether or not Anthony Padilla is gay.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

Smosh, a popular YouTube channel with over 25 million subscribers, was co-founded by Anthony Padilla. American actor, comedian, videomaker, YouTuber, and producer. He shot to fame after he and his friend Ian Hecox uploaded a series of humorous films to the Smosh channel on YouTube.


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Anthony Padilla is well-known for his role in establishing the Smosh YouTube channel. There, he now regularly posts interviews with famous people from Hollywood and the YouTube community. A short documentary titled “I Made a Mistake,” which Anthony directed, will be released in December 2020.

Anthony has also founded his production company, Pressalike Inc. As of May 2021, he has amassed over 5,000,000 subscribers on his egocentric YouTube channel. His roles in films like Smosh, The Movie (2015), and Ghostmates (2016) with his pal Ian have also helped to boost his profile.

Is Anthony Padilla Gay?

Fans still think Anthony Padilla is gay, despite the fact that he has dated other women in the past. But do you know where these rumors about homosexual people came from? Here, let us enlighten you. In the summer of 2022, it all began when YouTuber Daniel Howell brought up a tier list of his top gay crushes. It wasn’t unusual, he said in the video, that Anthony was one of his gay crushes. Anthony, however, was a member of the crowd, and his response took everyone by surprise. What do you think, Anthony Padilla?

Anthony never avoided discussing the accusations that he was gay or that he had an affair with Daniel Howell. On the other hand, he just recently uploaded a new video that will be shown on YouTube. The fact that Anthony spent a “full day” with Daniel Howell is what makes this clip noteworthy, though. Indeed! They’re hanging out together, the two men. Are Anthony Padilla and Daniel now an item? So, were the rumors that he was gay true? Is it true that Anthony Padilla is a lesbian?

It’s too bad he isn’t. The two did have a great time and drank four tequila sunrises. On the other hand, the film seems to suggest that Anthony isn’t gay at all and that only Daniel is interested in gay activities. Besides, Anthony is seeing the YouTube star Mykie. The two made their romance public in September of this year. Daniel will never be able to physically harm Anthony. What a hapless young lad!

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 Anthony Padilla Dating History

Records show that Anthony’s first significant relationship was with another YouTuber named Kalel Cullen Smith. Between 2013 and 2014, they were dating.

The two of them were not exactly on each other’s best behavior in this relationship. They took their argument to social media, with Anthony accusing Kalel of making a bad decision and saying other hurtful things, and her response being defensive. It wasn’t a picnic, but it was private till they went their own ways.

It’s generally agreed that the two broke up because of disagreements over who was more mentally stable. Truthful information is in their possession. After his breakup with Kalel, Anthony was rumored to be dating Miel Bredow and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram in 2015. However, details about their relationship are scant. He dated Miel from 2015 till 2019 before meeting his current lady, Mykie.


California-born YouTube sensation Kalel Smith, 33, is a popular American internet personality. Little is known about Kalel Smith, the ex-girlfriend of Anthony Padilla.

Anthony Padilla Career

Anthony’s website Smosh was originally intended as a place for him and his pals to hang out and chat after school, but it has since evolved into a popular YouTube channel in which Anthony and his friend Ian make films together for fun.

It was Anthony Padilla and his pal Ian Hecox who created the viral video site Smosh. With over 12 million views, their debut video, Power Rangers Theme, features the duo dancing in their bedroom and was uploaded on November 19, 2005. In 2011, he transferred ownership of Smosh to Defy Media for a total of zero dollars and a handful of stocks. In spite of this, he was no longer associated with Smosh as of June 14, 2017. He explained it in a video for his namesake channel on YouTube. On May 3rd, 2008, Smosh released its first video.

The fact that the corporation has established Smosh as a brand made him feel like he no longer had the autonomy to create the kinds of videos he wanted to make, so he decided to leave. Soon after, he began uploading videos to his channel.

Anthony Padilla Net Worth

Anthony Padilla, according to the source, has a net worth of roughly $3 million. His YouTube channel catapulted him to fame and success. And Anthony’s Instagram profile was followed by 3.4 million people. So in his ad post, he reveals his PPC earnings. Additionally, the YouTuber has made cameo appearances in a number of films and other videos. That’s why it’s not surprising that this famous person has so much money.

Do you have any idea why Anthony Padilla likes Daniel Howell so much? Whatever the situation may be, their friendship is undeniable. But can this platonic relationship develop into something more?

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