Is James Charles Gay? Does He Have a Boyfriend? 

James Charles gay: James Charles is a well-known cosmetic artist, model, entrepreneur, and YouTuber from the United States. He has worked with A-listers like Iggy Azaela because he is so talented at doing cosmetics. Most people are more interested in his sexuality than in his outstanding resume. Can we assume that James Charles is gay? Check it out here!

Who is James Charles?

James Charles Dickinson is a famous makeup artist and beauty vlogger from the United States. To supplement his income as a freelance makeup artist in his hometown of Bethlehem, New York, Charles launched a YouTube channel in which he shares how to apply various cosmetics. After a tweet of him wearing makeup went viral in 2016, he was named CoverGirl’s first male brand ambassador.

Charles hosted, directed, and co-produced the 2020 season of Instant Influencer, a reality competition series on YouTube Originals. In addition to receiving two People’s Choice Awards, three Streamy Awards, one Shorty Award, and one Teen Choice Award for his social media efforts, he has also published an eyeshadow palette and created a makeup collection in cooperation with Morphe Cosmetics.

He has been at the center of several internet scandals over his career, most notably a 2019 feud with fellow beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook. Charles admitted to sexting with two juvenile boys after being accused of internet grooming by multiple minors. He maintained, however, that he was unaware of the minors’ age at the time.


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Is James Charles gay?

He is out as gay. He told me that he was twelve when he told his parents he was gay. When asked about his sexual orientation, he once said that while he was content being a male, he did like applying makeup and painting his nails.

That he identifies with the LGBTQ+ group. However, he has drawn criticism for targeting trans males inside his own group. He talked about his sexuality again in April of this year, when he said he was a 5.5 on the Kinsey scale and not entirely gay.

He continued by saying that he had briefly been into a number of girls and trans guys in the past. Yet the vast majority saw the remarks as transphobic, landing him in a heap of trouble with the public. He explained that his comments were inadvertent afterward.

The apologies did not resolve his controversy, though. In February 2021, he was accused of exchanging sexts and nudes with a 16-year-old lad, which he strongly rejected.

Another group of minor boys came forward with similar allegations a month later. This time, he came clean about sending sexually explicit communications to two minors in a video he posted to his channel titled “Holding Myself Accountable” which has since been taken down.

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But he said he didn’t know how old they were at the time. He said that his previous actions were irresponsible and desperate. After the event in April 2021, Morphe severed all business relations with him and demonetized his YouTube account. In July 2021, he was back at the station.

Does James Charles have a boyfriend?

As a result of the claims, James responded on April 1, 2021, by posting an apologetic video to his YouTube page. James “holds himself accountable” by admitting that he had conversations with some of these individuals when they were minors, but that he cut off contact with them after discovering their lies about their ages.

He expresses regret to those he has wronged, including the men who are now adults (or at least 18) and his friends and family.

James states for the record later in the video that he is single and looking for a committed relationship. In a relationship, “my desire has always been to be with somebody about my age or older that I can connect to and that can make me laugh,” he added. Sorry to say, I haven’t been successful in locating that individual just yet.

He continues by saying that his desire for a connection caused him to ignore “red signals” and not undertake the necessary research to verify people’s ages.


I’m desperate, and that’s a terrible, humiliating admission to make, but I suppose I have to make it anyhow,” James remarked. You can hear him say, “I’m chatting to males now,” near the video’s tail end. All the guys who have reached out to me or been in contact with me in any way are going to be asked to provide identification immediately and forevermore.

James Charles Career

Charles launched his YouTube channel in December 2015, where he now regularly posts how-to videos on applying various types of cosmetics. In September of 2016, he tweeted a picture of himself redoing his senior picture with a ring light and full makeup. At the age of 17, he made history in October 2016 by becoming CoverGirl’s first-ever male brand ambassador.

Significant social media support was expressed for the appointment. His debut came in commercials for So Lashy, a mascara produced by CoverGirl. In November of 2018, he launched Sisters Apparel, a clothing line, and the Sister Collection, a makeup line created in partnership with cosmetics company Morphe Cosmetics.

He has amassed 10 million YouTube subscribers by the start of 2019.

Traffic backed up for blocks in the middle of Birmingham as he arrived in January 2019 for the grand opening of Morphe Cosmetics’ second UK location. During the month of March 2019, Australian artist Iggy Azalea released her single “Sally Walker,” and Charles applied her makeup for the accompanying promotional artwork and music video. In April of 2019, he declared he would tour the United States under the moniker “Sisters.” A highly publicized conflict with American social media star Tati Westbrook led to the tour’s cancellation the following month.

James Charles’s Net Worth

James Charles is a $22 million American internet celebrity, makeup artist, and model. James Charles Dickinson entered the world on May 23, 1999, in Bethlehem, New York. His popular YouTube channel is all about cosmetics and grooming. He made history in 2016 by becoming CoverGirl’s first-ever male brand spokesperson. Also, Charles is out as a gay man.



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