Top 3 Amazing Christmas Pranks for 25th December!

Top 3 Christmas Pranks: Christmas is a time to be happy and kind to everyone, so why not have a little fun with some well-timed and well-done Christmas pranks? For a person who likes to joke around all the time, Christmas is a great time to have some good-natured pranking fun. This time of year, people are less suspicious and easier to trick, so pulling harmless Christmas pranks can get a lot of laughs.

Christmas Runaway Gift Prank

“Runaway Present” is the name of our first practical joke. In addition to a “victim” and two set-up people, you’ll need a car, a heavy-duty roll of string, a festively-decorated box, and a box. Put a bow on a box and some festive wrapping paper.

Top 3  Christmas Pranks

Put your sting where it will be most effective, such as at the base of the box. Pick someone and go visit them at their house. Drop the gift off on the step, ring the bell, and then race back to the vehicle as you feed the string out. Put the roll of thread in the trunk and get in the automobile.

Wait for the moment the gift’s surprised recipient bends down to pick up the package at the door. Then, leaving the present in your car, drive away. The only downside of pulling a prank in a car is that you never get to witness the victim’s reaction.

Sealing up cracks and leaks in your home using expanding foam has been a popular practice for many years. This miraculous super-foam can be sprayed wet, but it will rapidly expand and solidify as it dries. It’s the perfect material for a practical joke that will make the receiver take their time “opening” the present. Adding a little whimsy to smaller products like gift cards is a good fit for this. It’s important to take precautions while sealing fragile items in this foam because the foam can scratch or dent them.

Another word of warning to the men reading this: this might not be the ideal method to propose to your girlfriend. It’s not romantic at all, and she may start to worry that life is going to be full of other pranks and jokes that fall flat if getting the ring is this hard. In order to elicit this kind of chuckle during the holidays, you should only give nonserious gifts.

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Children’s Christmas prank

Pranking your young kids at Christmas is a wonderful way to create some joyful holiday traditions for years to come.

Top 3  Christmas Pranks

Locate or create a pair of Santa legs to go with his tall black boots. Then fasten the lower body so that it dangles harmlessly down the edge of your roof, preferably near a window where children may see it.

Put in a tape of Santa making a panicked noise, or have him mic’d up, and play his message… It’s a cry for assistance: “Ho Ho!” I seem to have fallen through the ceiling… ho ho rescue! Whether your children are overjoyed to see Santa or terrified that he might be killed by their roof, this is a priceless photo chance.

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Co-worker Christmas prank

Pranking your co-workers can turn you into a workplace hero or a loathed figure depending on how it turns out. The next prank will satisfy your need for practical jokes if you are feeling very merry and feisty.

Top 3  Christmas Pranks

Make some tasty Christmas cookies before you pull your prank. One idea is to use them to frame your toilet seat in a photo once they have cooled. Distribute your baked goods among your coworkers the following day by bringing them in a pretty tin to the office. Send a photo of the cookie-lined loo to everyone through email once they’ve finished devouring your delicious handmade cookies. This is a bit gross, especially if you actually use the tin to store your used toilet cookies.

If your children have been begging to tear into a present before Christmas, the following prank may be precisely what you’ve been waiting for. Put a bunch of different “naughty kid presents” in a box. There are many things that can be used as prank gifts, such as cleaning supplies, old newspapers, canned products, or even your pet’s old blanket and toys. Wrap it in colorful paper and lots of tape to generate enthusiasm, then videotape your child’s face as his or her anticipation fades into dismay.

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Technically, this is really cruel, so you had better hope your kid has a good sense of humor, or else you might up paying for it with tears, tantrums, and maybe even a hefty supply falling on your head.

Christmas pranks played for laughs with close friends can brighten the holiday, but remember that payback is sweeter when it’s served cold. Prepare for some serious karma at Christmas. In the spirit of the season, you could get a lot more than a good laugh.

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