Which Obsession Is Riskier in Australia? Gaming or Streaming?

We are now living in a world where everything depends on online. Even if it is for gaming and streaming. In terms of dependency, people from different countries like Australia love to watch sports channels and stream online content.

The comparison between these two forms of entertainment is quite impossible. In Australia, Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime draw more attention than sports streaming services.

All these services are good to hold a huge audience in Australia. We can see it after finding the number of people streaming Hulu in Australia. It’s also the same for the other streaming service.

Both gaming and streaming services have a better grip on the industry. Let’s explore more about these two below.

What is Streaming Addiction?

We have become accustomed to expecting quick satisfaction thanks to Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Our favorite TV episodes can now be watched from start to finish in a matter of days or even hours.

Every week, a tone of new content is released; if one show is a letdown to watch, another is always just around the corner.

It makes sense why so many of us battle streaming addiction. Our minds have been rewired to seek fresh stuff because we are continually rewarded with it. Currently, the typical consumer watches videos online for almost two hours each day, and this trend will only continue.

One of the most popular types of entertainment today is streaming even the story of Royal Family also catches the attention of streamer. And there are no signs that it will slow down. But the risk of addiction also rises with that rise in popularity.

What is Gaming Addiction?

A serious issue that is beginning to receive greater attention is gaming addiction. But regrettably, a lot of individuals appear to be believed that it isn’t a true addiction.

That’s not the case, though. As opposed to this, research has revealed that gaming addiction can be just as

From watching games on ESPN+, beIN Sport, Optus Sport and BT Sport and becoming huge fan to any specific game like Football, to playing video games from two noon to two in the morning it badly impact the mental health. In the case of gaming, problems might not truly appear until after gamers return to their jobs and discover they are unable to separate themselves from the games that kept them going during their free-time.

Games can be very time-consuming for those who are most addicted to them. Their relationships, careers, and academic lives are frequently negatively impacted. Even though they are aware of the risks for their life, they could nevertheless have a strong want to continue.

Although they are generally not unpleasant, video games can be hazardous in excess. A person who becomes addicted to gaming risks alienation

Comparing and Contrasting Streaming and Gaming Addictions

There is no denying that streaming and gaming may become compulsive pastimes. Both can offer countless hours of enjoyment and wonderful diversion from the outside world.

However, due to a few distinctions between the two, one or the other may be more addictive for some people:

  • The excitement of the game is frequently the driving force behind gaming addiction. And the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing levels or opening new material. On the other side, a streaming addiction might be more driven by a need to belong to a group and feel connected to others.
  • The addiction to video games is the most solitary of these. But the addiction to streaming causes people to create social groups centered around their similar interest in the medium. The reason for this is probably that streaming is a more social activity than gaming.
  • Gaming addiction can cause players to lose sleep, stop attending classes, or even quit their jobs or jobs altogether. Similarly, although being comparable in that instance, streaming addiction. But it can also result in a lack of sleep and missed engagements.
  • Due to the potential for spending enormous amounts of money on games, gaming addiction is frequently more dangerous. While still detrimental, streaming addiction is typically less expensive than game addiction.

Which Addiction is More Hazardous?

Sadly, there isn’t a simple solution to this because it varies on the individual’s situation.

For instance, some individuals may believe that game addiction poses more risks. Others might discover that their addiction to streaming has serious consequences.

Therefore, it’s crucial to take into account the following elements while deciding whether addiction is riskier.

  • How many hours a day are spent on a specific activity?
  • What are the effects of engaging in the activity excessively?
  • What emotions does the action elicit in the person?
  • What are the rewards and dangers of the activity?
  • Is the hobby producing issues in the person’s other aspects of life?


In conclusion, there isn’t a universal solution to this problem. However, depending on how much time is spent playing games or watching videos, both activities have the potential to be addictive and unhealthy.

Make sure, you are following the proper way to stream it. Use a reliable VPN and make your journey to enjoying gaming and streaming smooth in Australia.

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