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Mike White Net Worth: Michael Christopher White is an American writer, actor, producer, director, and contestant on a reality TV show. He is also an actor and director for TV and movies. Mike has won many awards, including the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award for the movie Chuck & Buck, which he wrote and starred in 2000.

He has written scripts for movies like School of Rock (2003) and directed some of the movies he wrote, like Brad’s Status (2017). He helped make the HBO show Enlightened, which he also wrote, directed, and acted in.

White is also known for his reality TV appearances. He took part in two seasons of “The Amazing Race” and later was a contestant on “Survivor” and came in second place. He made, wrote, and directed the satirical comedy anthology show The White Lotus, which will air on HBO in 2021.

Mike White’s Net Worth

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Actor Mike White has a net worth of $10 million.

mike white net worth

Mike White has acted in and written for several films, including “Chuck & Buck” and “School of Rock,” and has written and directed “Year of the Dog” and “Brad’s Status,” in addition to creating, writing, and directing the television series “Enlightened” and “The White Lotus.”

White also participated in “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor,” the latter of which she placed second on in its 37th season in 2018.

Mike White Career Beginnings

White had the idea of becoming a writer for a long time, so he taught himself the basics of screenwriting. He went to the very traditional Christian Polytechnic School in Pasadena. Then White went to Wesleyan University, which was a lot more open-minded.

During college, he got the ideas he needed to start writing for movies and TV shows. There, he met Zak Penn, a struggling screenwriter who saw White’s talent and asked him to move to Los Angeles. He moved, and that’s when he started to struggle. By the time he was in his late 20s, he had also started to work professionally.

In 1998, White started his career as a writer with the dark comedy Dead Man on Campus, which he wrote with Michael Traeger. The reviews were very bad, but the movie did well at the box office. Then, he wrote for and produced the TV show Dawson’s Creek, which ran for four seasons and got good reviews from the beginning.

Mike White Breakthrough

In 1999, White’s work on the teen comedy-drama show Freaks and Geeks brought him a lot of attention. But because of problems with scheduling and time slots, the show didn’t get a second season.

He is big break came when he wrote the black comedy-drama, Chuck & Buck, all by himself in the year 2000. White not only wrote the movie, but he also played the main role of Buck O’Brien in it.

White made the soap opera Pasadena, which ran for one season and 13 episodes but was canceled because it didn’t get many viewers. He worked as a writer on the 2002 movie Orange County, which got good reviews and did well at the box office. Later that same year, he wrote The Good Girl, which was praised by critics and sold well.

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In the 2003 movie School of Rock, which starred Jack Black, White played the lead role of Ned Schneebly. He also wrote the movie. The movie did very well at the box office and with critics. In the end, it was both Jack Black and Mike White’s most successful movie.

By that time, White had already made a name for himself as a prolific writer of strange, funny pictures that kept people’s attention. In the years after that, he wrote scripts for movies like Nacho Libre and Beatriz at Dinner. He also directed his first movie, Year of the Dog.

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