What Does “Mid” Mean on TikTok? Latest 2022 Info!

Some slang words seem to be unique to certain social media platforms and their subcultures, which can be confusing for some. For example, many TikTok users want to know what “mid” means on the short-video platform.

Can You Explain What Tiktok’s “Mid” Means?

Some slang terms are completely incomprehensible, but others, like “mid,” are actually quite obvious.

A synonym for “mediocre,” “mid” is a convenient abbreviation. The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Blind Side, and the discographies of Taylor Swift and Drake all fall into this category; this is not to say that they are bad or even average works.

Then There’s This Trending Tiktok Video Down Below

On TikTok, “Mid” usually means that someone or something is getting excessive amounts of positive attention. Even though many people hope to be praised for their work on the internet, you can be sure that many others will also be willing to voice their opinions.

People will now call their work a “mid” if they are going to post it online, whether it is a drawing, a song remix, or an edited video, in an effort to silence critics who might be offended by their best work. in lieu of, you know, reaching for the stars and committing fully to their work.

People who are trying to shield themselves from the criticism of those who are quick to point out any flaws in their content by using the word “mid” are selling themselves the “I could do it if I tried” illusion.

Mids is Also Slang for a Particular Variety of Weeds

An accusation of smoking mids is a serious slight, according to Urban Dictionary “The ultimate slur against someone who desperately needs dank but must settle for buying a few mids for the sole purpose of rolling and smoking them. The use of such an insult is not to be taken lightly unless of course the user actually does smoke mids blunts constantly.”

It’s tough to criticize someone for being in the middle of their life.

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Calling someone out for eating fast food would be like pointing out that they regularly consume McDonald’s. It’s acceptable to criticize Kim and Kanye for eating at Mickey D’s, despite the fact that doing so suggests a pretentious attitude. Don’t steal from the middle, okay? Thanks.

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