What Was the Net Worth of Paul Castellano at the Time of His Death?

American crime boss Constantino Paul Castellano succeeded Carlo Gambino as the leader of the Gambino crime family. On December 16, 1985, Castellano was killed in an unauthorized attack.

Castellano started Dial Poultry, a poultry distribution company that once provided meat to 300 butchers in New York City, in his early years using his butchering training. Walbaum’s and Key Food supermarkets were also among Dial’s clients. Castellano used coercion to compel his clients to purchase Dial’s goods.

Paul Castellano Quick Info

Real Name Constantino Paul Castellano
Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 26, 1915 (70 years old)
Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.
Profession: Crime boss

What Was the Net Worth of Paul Castellano at the Time of His Death?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, In the early 1980s, Paul Castellano, an American mafia boss, was at the top of his game and had a $20 million fortune. That is equivalent to almost $50 million now. Paul Castellano died in December 1985. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, in June 1915.

His nick titles were “Big Paulie” and “The Howard Hughes of the Mob.” As head of the Gambino crime family in New York, he took Carlo Gambino’s place. He was killed by John Gotti in an unauthorized hit in 1985.

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Personal Life of Paul Castellano

Castellano wed Nina Manno, his childhood sweetheart, in 1937. Together, the couple gave birth to three sons and one girl. Gloria Olarte, a live-in Colombian maid, was the object of his other liaison.

Paul Castellano Net Worth

He passed away in 1999. Contrary to assertions made by Richard S. Castellano’s widow following her husband’s passing, he had no family ties to the actor from The Godfather. Because he detested his first name, Constantino, Castellano frequently signed his name as “C. Paul Castellano.” Both Constantino and Costantino have been listed as his first names at birth.

Paul Castellano Early life: Childhood And Education

Giuseppe and Concetta Castellano were Italian immigrants who settled in Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst where Castellano was born in 1915. Giuseppe was a butcher and a founding member of the Mangano criminal organization, which was the ancestor of the Gambino family. After finishing eighth grade, Castellano quit school to learn from his father how to butcher animals and gather receipts for number games.

Castellano was initially detained in Hartford, Connecticut, in July 1934 for robbing a haberdasher. The 19-year-old Castellano was given a three-month prison sentence after refusing to name his two conspirators to the authorities. Castellano improved his mob allegiance by refusing to work with the authorities.

Paul Castellano Career: How He Becomes an American Crime Boss?

In 1932, Catherine Castellano wed Carlo Gambino, one of their cousins. Gambino and Castellano, who joined the Mangano crime family formally in the 1940s, were both members. Albert Anastasia, Castellano’s boss, promoted him to capo. Gambino, Castellano’s brother-in-law, was promoted to the boss when Anastasia was assassinated.

Castellano participated in the historic American mob meeting known as the Apalachin meeting in 1957, which took place in Apalachin, New York. Castellano was one of more than 60 high-ranking mobsters who were detained after police raided the meeting.

After that, he was imprisoned for a year on a contempt charge. Then, in January 1960, he was found guilty of conspiring to obstruct justice and given a five-year prison term. However, in November 1960, an Appeals Court upheld his conviction.

Castellano spent a lot of effort developing genuine businesses during his career. His connections to the mob, however, reinforced several of his enterprises. Castellano founded Dial Poultry in his early career, a poultry distribution company that supplied 300 butchers in New York City. He was also heavily active in the concrete construction industry.

He was in charge of managing the Gambino family’s stake in the “Concrete Club,” a group of businessmen chosen by The Commission, the Italian-American mafia’s governing body, to manage significant construction contracts. The chosen contractors agreed to pay The Commission a kickback equal to 2% of the total contract as compensation.

Paul Castellano Death

Paul Castellano, the head of the Gambino family, was killed by John Gotti on December 16, 1985, outside Sparks Steak House in Manhattan. This murder would permanently alter the Mafia.

Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano provided details about the preparation and carrying out of Paul Castellano’s murder during John Gotti’s 1992 trial. Gravano, a trusted accomplice in Paul Castellano’s murder and Gotti’s longtime subordinate in the Gambino family, had turned informant four months previously. He would become well-known as the person who assisted in Teflon Don’s downfall following the trial.


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