Jaimie Hilfiger Net Worth: How Did she Become Prominent in 2022?

Jaimie Hilfiger is a multitalented American heiress, socialite, model, and fashion star. She is the niece of the late, great Tommy Hilfiger and the daughter of Robert Hilfiger, a masonry contractor, and JoAnn Hilfiger, a registered nurse. She was born in upstate New York.

To put it simply, Hilfiger is an only kid. A Goshen, New York native, she graduated from John S. Burke Catholic High School. She subsequently attended the University of Central Florida, where she earned a BA in Broadcast Media and a minor in Cinema Studies while studying radio and television.

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Let’s See the Brief Biography of Jaimie Hilfiger

Birth Day August 28, 1989
Birth Place United States
Birth Sign Virgo
Net Worth: $5 Million

How Did Jaimie Hilfiger Become Prominent?

American model Jaimie Hilfiger has a $5 million fortune. Others in Hilfiger’s position may be content to coast on her wealth and the fact that she is related to fashion superstar Tommy Hilfiger (she is his niece), but Hilfiger is motivated to make a name for herself in the industry.

Jaimie Hilfiger Net Worth

Her ultimate career goal is to become a famous reality TV personality like Kim Kardashian. Hilfiger, unlike other socialites with star-studded ambitions, has never been coy about her own career goals. Hilfiger explained in an interview why she wants to become a reality show star.

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“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a devoted viewer in me. Even though I was born and raised in New York, I’ve been pronouncing the name of the Golden State as “California” ever since I could speak. After finally relocating to Beverly Hills, I find that I adore living here. I’m still in training even though I’m too young to join the show. Obviously, I am coveting that way of life.”

Have a Look at Jaimie Hilfiger’s Social Appearances


Jaimie Hilfiger mentioned in his bio that an International model and fashion icon turned self-made beauty entrepreneur. Shop The JH Collection online.

Here is Jaimie Hilfiger tweeter account.


Jaimie Hilfiger was mentioned on his Instagram Bio and she has 303 k followers

International Model ⠂Fashion Icon ⠂Self-Made Beauty Entrepreneur
📍 Bal Harbour / Beverly Hills / NYC

How Jaimie Hilfiger Initiated Her Career?

Hilfiger returned to New York City after finishing college to launch a successful career in the entertainment sector. Though she was fairly tall enough to secure runway modeling engagements, she found it difficult to create a successful career and began scheduling modeling jobs.

During this time in her career, she appeared on a number of magazine covers and performed a lot of commercial work.

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She was crowned “Miss Howard TV” in August of 2007. The show was associated with the widely listened-to radio program “The Howard Stern Show,” and Hilfiger’s victory there increased her profile, leading to more work offers in the months that followed. She appeared in several commercials and on several television shows, most frequently in hosting roles. She co-starred on “Rich Girls” on MTV and made guest appearances on “E! Television series “New Money”

She kept up her modeling career throughout this time, too. The likes of “NOW,” “Modern Luxury Weddings,” and “OK!” magazine hired her on the spot. She has also been in print ads for companies like Stila and Sorme.

As Hilfiger’s career progressed, she also began contributing as a writer and columnist to a number of print periodicals. In addition to her work as a fashion correspondent for “Fox News Magazine,” columnist and contributor for “The Huffington Post,” and “US Weekly,” and numerous interviews with publications like “ELLE Spain,” “The Huffington Post,” and “Psychology Today” on topics related to beauty and lifestyle, she has also written for “Fox News Magazine.”

The Jaimie Hilfiger Collection was Hilfiger’s collaboration with the skincare company La Curcio Skincare, which she created because of her passion for both skincare and beauty. Because of her own experience with rosacea, she was motivated to create a skincare line with potent, high-quality components. The set includes cosmetics as well as skin care products.

Who is Jaimie Hilfiger Dahan Dating?

We have not been able to locate any evidence that Jaimie Hilfiger Dahan was ever married or in a committed relationship. Jaimie Hilfiger Dahan is currently single (as of May 2022).

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Jaimie Hilfiger Dahan has not been in any public relationships that we are aware of. If you know of any past relationships involving Jaimie Hilfiger Dahan, please let us know.

Wrapping Up

Model Jaimie Hilfiger has a $5 million fortune. She is motivated to make a name for herself in the industry.

Others in her position may be content to coast on her wealth and the fact that she is related to fashion superstar Tommy Hielgarner.

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