The Real Story Behind “Let’s Get Physical” on Lifetime: Where to Watch?

A sophisticated prostitution ring, notable customers, and one woman’s double life all come together in this story. Watch the first episode of Let’s Get Physical tonight on Lifetime at 8 p.m./7 c. ‘Let’s Get Physical’ will also be available to stream on Philo, Sling, and DIRECTV Stream.

Let’s Get Physical is a show that airs on the Lifetime channel and is based on a true story. The show follows a daytime fitness instructor named Sadie who divides her time between doing good for her body and engaging in sophisticated sex work (servicing the most prominent members of the community, of course).

Sadie’s close-knit community is both captivated and terrified by the consequences of the raid that law enforcement conducted on her covert operation after receiving an anonymous tip that led to the raid.

The subsequent indictment of her leaves everyone wondering the same thing: Whose names appear on her client list? Tonight at 8 p.m. and 7 p.m. Central Time, Lifetime will broadcast the debut episode of Let’s Get Physical.

Let’s Get Physical: Reason to Watch

We all like dramas that are based on things that really happened. This movie is a great example of how a woman works two jobs to pay her bills, but she doesn’t know that one job will cost her a lot.

Let’s Get Physical: Where to Watch

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Let’s Get Physical Cast

  • Jenna Dewan as Sadie Smith
  • April Macintosh is played by Jennifer Irwin.
  • Bradley Stryker played Marty Macintosh.
  • Michael Consuelos as Petey
  • Jelena Cori as Lynn Rogers
  • Nana played by Barbara Wallace
  • Ben Martin played by Seth Isaac Johnson
  • Eliza Norbury as Marcia Macintosh

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