Who is Amber Gill’s Secret Boyfriend? Here is All the Evidence So Far!

Amber Gill is a reality star and influencer who became well-known in 2019 after appearing on the fifth season of Love Island. She has worked with brands like Miss Pap and Littlewoods since she won the show.

In February 2021, Amber also started her own fitness plan called Amber Flexx.


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Who is Amber Gill’s Secret Boyfriend?

The winner of Love Island, Amber Gill, is said to be dating Teddy Edwardes after the two were seen sending flirty messages to each other on social media. Teddy, a 33-year-old event planner who runs Lick Events, was recently seen in a TikTok video with the former winner of Love Island, and fans are going crazy for it.

Fans first thought that Teddy and Amber might be dating when they saw Teddy and Amber in a TikTok video together. Teddy appears in a TikTok video where people discuss the biggest red flag. Fans wondered if they were dating, and one person said, “So is Amber Rose now with Teddy?”

Fans of the Love Island star started to figure out that Amber bought Teddy tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys. On her Instagram story, Teddy answered the question, “What is the nicest thing someone has done for you recently?” She said, “I usually do all the nice things for other people, but someone got up at the crack of dawn the other day to buy me Arctic Monkeys tickets, which was nice.”

On October 3, Amber sent out a tweet that said, “Arctic Monkeys tickets. “Yes, I am that girl.”

Teddy posted cryptic emojis in response to fans asking if she was dating. The two then used social media to lie to each other. In an Instagram story, Amber answered a question about whether or not she and the person wanted to make up by saying, “Text her. Sometimes it’s not worth being stubborn.”

Teddy then put a photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Indirects are fun until I can’t figure out which one is mine.”

The fact that they send each other emojis is another sign that they are close. Amber wrote on Twitter that she loves dating “older people,” and Teddy replied with an eye roll emoji. Teddy is eight years older than Amber.

Amber recently told Closer Magazine that she has been dating girls and that she doesn’t have a type. “I’m not over guys,” she said. When I said all that on Twitter, I was mad at guys, but yes, I have dated girls. It’s been great in the past and in the present. Girls are very pretty. Before, I wasn’t aware of my sexuality, but now I am. It is what it is, I don’t have a type, and I like what I like.