Barbara Eden Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make?

Barbara Eden is an actress, singer, and producer from the United States who is best known for her portrayal of Jeannie in the comedy I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970).

Other prominent parts include Roslyn Pierce in Flaming Star (1960), Lieutenant (JG) Cathy Connors in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961), and Stella Johnson in the film Harper Valley PTA as a single widowed mother (1978).

Eden repeated her role as Stella Johnson in the two-season television series Harper Valley PTA as a result of the film’s popularity.

The Early Life of Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden was born in Tuscon, Arizona, on August 23, 1931. Alice Mary and Hubert Henry Morehead have a daughter named Eden.

She and her mother relocated to San Francisco after her parents divorced, where her mother married another guy. The family was impacted by the Great Depression, and they were unable to enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

When she started singing solos at church, she had her first public appearance. She used to sing in local bands for $10 at bars when she was younger.

The Professional Life of Barbara Eden

For Barbara Eden, it’s always been about her belly button, even if she has a few other great features. On the hit NBC sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie, which ran from 1965 to 1970, she played the happy-go-lucky but mischievous genie to Major Anthony Nelson, played by Larry Hagman (created by future novel and TV miniseries king Sidney Sheldon).

In an interview with Sandi Berg for Life After 50 Magazine in March 2012, Eden talked about her time in Hollywood and what she thought about her career, health and fitness, and getting older. “I’ve always been a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of person. I don’t think that I’m too hard to understand.”


Berg said the actress grew up in San Francisco and always wanted to be an actor. The Johnny Carson Show was her first major break in 1955. Eden’s reputation as a reliable, industrious actor led to guest-starring appearances in scores of TV episodes in the late 1950s.

She portrayed Loco Jones, Marilyn Monroe’s part in How to Marry a Millionaire, on TV. Eden worked steadily until playing Jeannie in the 1960s. She told Berg, “I read about I Dream of Jeannie in the papers and saw that they were trying out every beautiful brunette in town—Miss Syria, Miss Lebanon, Miss Greece, Miss Turkey, Miss Israel—actresses from every Middle Eastern nation.”

I thought, “No thanks.” My agent submitted the script. I felt it was odd they sent it to me. “It’s amazing, but are you sure they know who I am?” He said they knew what I looked like and would meet with Sidney Sheldon, who was in town for three days if I liked the part.

Berg stated Nat Perrin was responsible for Eden getting Jeannie without a screen test or audition. Sidney Sheldon’s pal Perrin wrote and produced for The Johnny Carson Show. Eden was humorous and appealing to him.

What is the Net Worth of Barbara Eden?

Barbara Eden has a net worth of ten million dollars. Barbara graduated from San Francisco’s prestigious Abraham Lincoln High School in the Spring of 1949 and went on to City College of San Francisco to study theatre for a year. Eden was named Miss San Francisco in 1951 and competed in the Miss California competition as Barbara Huffman.

Famous Film Director Mark Robson later directed her in the film From The Terrace after she performed in a play with actor James Drury. Her screen presence was put to the test when she played Joanne Woodward in the 1957 film No Down Payment. Terry Moore won the part of Betty Anderson in the 1957 film adaptation of Peyton Place, despite her immaculate screen test.

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Married Life of Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden’s relationship status is currently married. She was married three times throughout her life. Barbara married Michael Ansara, a TV actor, in 1958, but the pair separated in 1974. They have a son called Mathew together. Mathew, her son, developed a heroin addiction and died at the age of 35.


Barbara married Chicago Sun-Times executive Charles Donald Fegert in 1977. In 1983, they divorced. Aside from that, she’s been linked to John Marion, Robert Vaughn, and Barry Coe. After that, on January 5, 1991, she married Jon Eicholtz. Their relationships are going well, and there have been no reports of their breakups so far. Matthew Ansara, her son, is her mother.

Barbara Eden Awards and Recognitions

Barbara Eden was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 17, 1988, for her outstanding contributions to the entertainment business. Since she was nominated for Best TV Actress – Comedy or Musical (1970) and Best TV Star – Female (1967) at the Golden Globes, she has earned considerable acclaim for her main role in Jeannie.

Nominations for her work came from the Laurel Awards and Bravo Otto Germany. In 2003, she won the TV Land Award for Favorite Dual-Role Character for her role in ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barbara Eden up to these days?

She now has a personal trainer who visits her at home to conduct weight training and stroll around her tennis court. “I have a lot of pals,” stated the television great. “I’m a pretty sociable person.” In fact, she has a scheduled appearance in March 2022.

How old is Barbara Edens?

92 years (23 August 1931)

What caused Larry Hagman’s death?


Larry Hagman, whose depiction of J. R. Ewing, one of television’s most beloved villains, catapulted the CBS series “Dallas” to global acclaim, died on Friday in Dallas. He was 81 years old when he died. His death was caused by cancer complications, according to his relatives. Mr.

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