Peter Billingsley Net Worth: How Much Does Peter Have in the Bank?

Peter Billingsley Net Worth: Peter Billingsley is an actor, director, and producer from the United States.

Peter Billingsley is probably best known for his role as Ralphie in “A Christmas Story,” which came out in 1983. As an adult, he has made a pretty good living as a producer of movies and TV shows.

In this article, we will explore the net worth of Peter Billingsley.

Early Life of Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley was born in New York City on April 16, 1971. His father worked in finance, and his mother encouraged him and his siblings to follow their dreams of becoming actors. Peter was the last child and the fifth one.

His older brother Neil Billingsley and sister Melissa Michaelsen were both very successful on TV and in commercials.

Peter got his early education from tutors and public and private schools, such as the Phoenix Country Day School in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and the Professional Children’s School in New York City. Wesley Staples was one of the guides on the trip.

Peter first appeared in TV commercials when he was a baby. Over the years, he would end up in thousands of ads.

peter billingsley net worth

Name Peter Billingsley or Peter Michaelsen or Peter Billingsley-Michaelsen
Birth April 16, 1971, in New York City
Profession Actor, director, and producer
Net Worth $12 million
Relationship Status Single
Nationality American

What is Peter Billingsley’s Net Worth?

Peter Billingsley has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2022. He is an actor and a producer, and he makes a living from his work. He has been in several movies and commercials. Peter started his job when he was young, which is why he is well-known.

He has also made money by appearing in commercials. Peter has been a co-host on NBC. He has even been a guest on a few episodes. He was also one of the people in charge of making the Iron Man movie. These are the only ways he makes money.


List of Peter Billingsley’s Highest-Grossing Movies

  • Iron Man: $585.2 million
  • Elf: $220.4 million
  • The Break-Up: $205.7 million
  • Couples Retreat: $171.8 million
  • Four Christmases: $163.7 million
  • Zathura: A Space Adventure: $64.3 million
  • A Christmas Story: $20.6 million
  • Paternity: $18.8 million

Peter Billingsley’s Career Journey

Billingsley’s first acting job was in a Geritol commercial when he was two years old. Betty Buckley played his mother. During the 1970s and early 1980s, he went on to be in about 120 TV commercials.

He was best known for playing the character Messy Marvin in a series of ads for Hershey’s chocolate syrup. If Ever I See You Again, from 1978, was one of Billingsley’s first movie roles. It was written and directed by Joseph Brooks.

At the Young Artist Awards, he was nominated for “Best Young Comedian – Motion Picture or Television” for his role in 1981’s Paternity, in which he played opposite Burt Reynolds.

He was in the movie Honky Tonk Freeway in 1981. In 1982, Billingsley was in a few movies, including Death Valley, Maserati, and the Brain, and the made-for-TV movie Memories Never Die, which also starred his sister Melissa Wagner and Lindsay Wagner.

He played Gideon Hale in an episode of Little House on the Prairie, started working as a co-host on NBC‘s popular Real People (for which he got another Young Artist Award nomination), and ran a two-episode spinoff called Real Kids.

Peter Billingsley starred in a number of famous movies

Billingsley starred in the 1983 movie “A Christmas Story“, which was based on Jean Shepherd’s book In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. The movie’s popularity grew slowly over the years, and it is now shown for 24 hours on TBS from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.

The movie got Billingsley another nomination for a Young Artist Award, and it may be the one role he is best known for. He has been quoted as saying that people still come up to him on the street and tell him, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” After about 40 years, he will play the role again in a movie that Clay Kaytis will direct for HBO Max.

Peter Billingsley Net Worth

In 1984, Billingsley appeared alongside Dick Van Patten and Gabe Kaplan in The Hoboken Chicken Emergency. It’s based on The Hoboken Chicken Emergency.

He was on “Super Teen” and Celebrity Hot Potato. Billingsley’s career stagnated in the 1980s. He appeared in Who’s the Boss?, Punky Brewster, The Wonder Years, and Highway to Heaven, as well as Carly’s Web, Russkies, and Beverly Hills Brats.

Billingsley portrayed older roles in the early 1990s, such as a steroid-addicted athlete in The Fourth Man.

He got acquainted with Vince Vaughn on the set. In The Writing on the Wall (1994), Hal Linden portrayed a rabbi who taught three boys about prejudice after they scrawled antisemitic graffiti on his house, temple, and automobile.

That was his next SBS appearance. This role was nominated for an Emmy.

Peter Billingsley Love Life

He has been said to be gay since the beginning. But nothing like this has been seen over the past few years. He also had a lot of women in his life. People thought he was engaged to Buffy Bains, but nothing of the sort has been seen as of yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Peter Billingsley born?

On April 16, 1971, Peter Billingsley was born.

How is Peter Billingsley related to Vince Vaughn?’

Vince Vaughn and Billingsley are friends and frequent collaborators.

Is Peter Billingsley getting royalties?

Peter Billingsley has not revealed anything about his royalties.

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