Andrew M. Gray Net Worth: Is He Dating Kelly Mi Li on “Bling Empire” Season 2?

Andrew M. Gray Net Worth: Andrew Gray is an actor, writer, and producer from the United States. He is well recognized for his roles in the TV shows Bling Empire and Power Rangers Megaforce.

In this article, we will explore the personal and professional life of Andrew Gray, as well as Andrew M. Gray’s Net Worth.

Andrew M. Gray’s Biography

Andrew Gray is an American actor who is most known for his part in the TV show “Power Rangers.” It is one of the most popular children’s television shows in the United States. Andrew was born in California on February 4, 1987, and is 33 years old.

He began his modeling career in 2005, working for Vanity Fair, Dior, Hollister, and a variety of other companies. He was also represented by Wilhelmina in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami, as well as other agencies in San Francisco, Italy, and Asia.

Andrew M. Gray net worth

Andrew moved into the film and television industries after establishing himself as a model. In 2013, he landed the part of Troy Burrows, also known as the Red Megaforce Ranger, in ‘Power Rangers Megaforce.’ Andrew is always auditioning for a few shows and is very interested in public speaking conventions.

The Andrew M. Gray Net Worth

Andrew’s net worth as an actor isn’t as high as his co-stars. His estimated net worth is around $2 million. Andrew is most recognized for his performance in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers: Megaforce as the red Power Ranger.

He also has his own line of clothing, AMG Clothing. Andrew is a model, musician, and manager.


Are Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray Still Dating?

No. Kelly and Andrew have officially called it quits, which is great news for those who want better for her. You may recall that the couple was together in the first season, then broke up, and then appeared to revive their romance before getting back together off-screen.

Kelly talked about her renewed relationship with Andrew last year, claiming it was better than ever. Kelly is single again as of May 2022, and Andrew is not featured in the second season.

She revealed what fans may anticipate from the new season and gave an update on her dating life during a recent interview. In season 2, she promises, fans will see a lighter, “fun” Kelly.

Andrew M. Gray net worth

Kelly claims she didn’t feel free to be herself during the first season due to Andrew’s volcanic temper, which fans saw in the first episode and caused many to dislike the former Power Ranger star right away.

Kelly has moved into a smaller, but still charming, 2,000-square-foot house that she is refurbishing after leaving the West Hollywood home she shared with Andrew for five years. She claims she’s “exploring nature,” something she’s never done before.

“[The show] really sparked my self-discovery process, and it was a huge leap for me.” It was a little awkward at times, but it was extremely satisfying in the end. It’s bigger than me when I consider how many individuals I’ve met and what it’s done for Asian representation in the media.”

Andrew Gray has a Hollywood History

Season 1 of “Bling Empire” ended on a cliffhanger with the question of whether Mi Li and Gray will reunite. After five years together, the couple formally split up in March, according to People.

Given their chemistry in the program, and the added burden of handling everything in the public eye, it wasn’t entirely surprising. However, according to Mi Li and Gray’s Instagram accounts, they appear to be on excellent terms and share custody of their puppy.

In the “Power Ranger Megaforce” series, Gray played Troy Burrows, the Red Megaforce Ranger (via IMDb). He’s also appeared in, produced, and written a few other productions, including Mi Li’s short film “Spilt Milk.”

Gray is cashing in on his reality show popularity by selling fan videos on Cameo and uploading motivational TikTok videos. He’s also a model, having appeared in campaigns for brands like Zara and Tanqueray, and he once had his own clothing line, AMG Clothing, which appears to be no longer available.

Gray is currently employed with Knight Owl Studios, a media company that is presently under construction. He focuses his efforts on mental health awareness, particularly for people in the entertainment industry. His podcast series titled “My Happiness” demonstrates how concerned he is about his listeners’ mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Andrew Gray Do for a Living?

Andrew Gray is an Actor.

What Nationality Is Andrew Grey?

Andrew Gray is a native of the United States.

What Is the Age of Andrew Gray?

Andrew Gray is 35 Years Old.

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