How to Make a Video from Your Images with Music?

Do you wish to transform your photos into videos but are not aware of the procedure? You need not worry as it can be done quickly by following a few simple steps. Many people want to make videos from images for different reasons; for example, some want to make their occasions memorable by sharing such videos. In contrast, some want a creative way to share their photos with friends and family.

Whatever the reason may be, it looks interesting and makes you feel special when you see all your memories presented in a beautiful video. In fact, you can also add audio clips, music and do editing as per your choice with the help of online video converters.

So, let’s get started.

How to Make a Video from Your Images with Music?

Making a slideshow isn’t a piece of cake; it requires a lot of effort, but with the help of the

image to video converter, the process has been streamlined and can be done within just a couple of minutes. This is the simple procedure of doing it-

Step 1- Opt for an online video converter

You first need to select a converter that can transform Image to Video with Music. You need to ensure that the converter you choose should fulfil all your requirements, do not opt for the one that is trending. Check your requirements and budget; then, analyze the converters and select the best one.

Do check its ratings, reviews, ease of use, and reliability; go for it if you find it satisfactory. Download the app on your phone or desktop. Continue to follow the instructions on the screen for completing the setup process.

Step 2- Add photos

As you download the software, you need to add photos to the timeline. You can upload the pictures from your photo library. There will be numerous pre-made templates you can select as per your taste and add photos accordingly.

You can try and fit photos as per the sequence; if you want, you can rearrange them according to the theme or story you want to convey.

Step 3- Add a transition between photos

If you want your photo flow to be seamless, it is recommended to add a transition between every photo. For example, you can open the transition library and select video transition. You can also use the same transition between all clips and apply the current effect to the video.

If you want use can use different transitions for every photo.

Step 4- Add music

You can personalize your video by adding music to it or by adding your logo, colours, or text. This gives your video a personal touch and makes the other person feel special and connected. You can upload music from your collection or select it from any library of licensed songs.

You can also speak directly to your audience; all you need to do is record your voice and then speak into your phone or computer. It can help make your message personal and get the attention of your viewers or loved ones.

Step 5- Use text

As per the experts, it is recommended to text to add animation to a still image. You can use different types of text effects from the available themes as it will help engage the audience with the message you write.

Ste 6- Select aspect ratio and video duration

Here, you can choose the aspect ratio of your final video. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the sides of the video. You need to know that a few pictures might be cut if the picture’s aspect ratio is different from the one you selected. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the aspect ratio accordingly.

Now, you also need to select the duration of your video, plus you can also select the time you want every picture to be displayed.

Step 7- Download or Share your video

You can either download it on your system or post it directly to multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Reasons for creating a video from your images with music

People can have different reasons for doing this; let us know some of the major reasons for it-

1) Celebrating special moments- By creating the beautiful video slideshow, you can wish your dear ones on their birthday, farewell, anniversary, etc. You can create a family slideshow or video greeting cards to make the occasion special. This shows your love for them as you do efforts to see them happy by doing something creative.

2) Promoting business- Everyone knows that videos have become an inevitable part of our lives, which stands true for business promotion. For your marketing strategy, you can create videos to introduce your business, share reviews, create testimonial videos, advertising videos, etc.

3) Sharing on social media platforms- Create video slideshows and share them on social media platforms to help engage the existing customers and attract new ones. You can create any video as per your niche and post it on your blog or channels frequently. This will increase your views and popularity.

Tips for making your slideshow look better

By now, you are well aware of how to make a video from images, but you make them look better by flowing a few simple steps-

1) Adjust your images- Make your pictures look the best, and it can be done by rotating, cropping, moving, or zooming in the photos. Do the adjustments and make them look just the way you want them. You can make the video slideshow even better and more exciting by adding fast bursts of your photos. You can also add filters as per the pictures; for example, you can use black & white for old memories or sepia tones for making it look bright.

2) Know your video style- The online video converts offer numerous styles with amazing filters and text animation that can make your video look incredible. So, before you start creating it, plan how you want your video to be, for example, professional, bold, elegant, etc.

Once you are aware of the style of the video, it becomes easier for you to choose the design and layout

3) Fine-tune your video to make it look different and special. Finally, it is recommended to fine-tune the slideshow by giving some extra touch. It can be done by adding music, audio notes, transitions, audio fades, and overlays

Bottom Line

This was about making a video from your images with music; it is a pretty easy and quick process. Follow these steps to make your video more engaging and entertaining.

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