Football Manager 2022: Release Date, Price and Features

It’s only a matter of time before Football Manager 2022 makes its global debut in online and in-game stores this November. Football Manager 2021, released last year, was a huge hit (over 445 million matches played since unveiling), and anticipation for the new game is building.

To help you decide whether or not to purchase the game, the Shahab has put together a list of everything you need to know.

When Is The Football Manager 2022 Coming Out?

Football Manager 2022 is scheduled to be released on November 9th, 2021. The news concerning the upcoming game broke out on September 9.

Girlfriends who want to gift the upcoming game to their sweetheart can put it on their Christmas wishlists because it will be made public during Christmas and busy holidays.

Hey! watch the trailer here:

Gamers who pre-purchase the title will be blessed with Early Access starting on October 22, 2021, but it will only be a beta version. Football Manager 2022’s beta is a near-final but is still in work. The premiere date has been moved back to the beginning of November, as was previously announced. Football Manager 2021’s release date was earlier postponed until the end of November.

How much will Football Manager 2022 cost?

Edition UK price US price
Football Manager 2022 £39.99 (£36*) $54.99 ($49.50*)
Football Manager 2022 Xbox TBC TBC
Football Manager 2022 Touch TBC TBC
Football Manager 2022 Mobile $9.99 $9.99


In the UK, Football Manager 2022 costs £39.99, while in the US, it costs $54.99. Those who pre-order the game will save 10%*, making the final price £36, or $49.50.

The gamers will have the choice to buy the title via Steam or Epic games, Microsoft store, as well as official Sega store. In comparison to the full game, the Xbox version of Football Manager 2022, as well as Football Manager 2022 Touch, will be vastly cheaper.

Football Manager 2021 Xbox was  $39.99 in the US, and £29.99 in the UK while Football Manager 2021 Touch was and $39.99 in the US, and  £29.99 in the UK.

Football Manager 2022 will be available on what devices?

Football Manager 2022 is reported to be available on Mac, Xbox Series X/S, PC, mobile devices, and last but not least Xbox One.

Football Manager 2022 will be available on Xbox One and mobile devices at the same time as the PC/Mac version.

Meanwhile, Football Manager 2022 Touch will be restricted to Nintendo Switch.

Do We Have Any Information Available on Game Feature?

Football Manager 2022’s new features were unveiled on the official site at the end of September. xG data and match analysis were introduced last year in Football Manager 2021; this year, Football Manager 2022 will no doubt try to fulfill some longings as well.

Changes to the transfer system

As a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Miles Jacobson; Football Manager Studio director has indicated that the game’s transfer system will undergo additional changes.

“A lot more clubs than normal will start the game with much smaller available budgets or still be in the position of having to try and sell players (as they always end up in real life),” Jacobson continued “Others will find it difficult to reduce their team size and their payroll.”

-Miles Jacobson, Football Manager Studio director


Football Manager 2022 will continue the tradition of making improvements to the game’s visuals with each new release. The match UI was redesigned last year to enhance the match display’s lighting and actions. In FM22, we can expect even better simulations.

Leagues and licenses

Regarding a trademark conflict between  Sega, and the Premier League club, “Manchester United” is no longer in the game. The Old Trafford team will now be referred to as “Manchester UFC” or “Man UFC” rather than their official name for the first time.

“Manchester United and Sega have reached an agreement to amicably resolve their trademark dispute over Football Manager. Both parties are happy to resolve this matter to their mutual satisfaction.”

– Football Manager (@FootballManager) August 6, 2021

Women’s football

When Football Manager 2021 came out, the developers announced that women’s football would be added to the game soon after. However, Football Manager 2022 is arriving too early.

“We’ve been doing this behind the scenes for over a year. I’m sick of having to tell people on social media when they ask me about it, “when we do it, we’ll do it right”. Now we can talk more about it, ” 

-Football Manager studio director Miles Jacobson

I trust that all of your queries about Football Manager 2022’s release date, price, and platform support have been answered. I’m looking forward to it; what about you?

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