Silent Hill Reboot Release Date, Trailer, Rumors And Plot

It has been years since anyone has heard anything concerning Silent Hill. Konami canceled the much-anticipated sequel Silent Hills (made famous by the now legendary P.T. demo) after a disagreement with Metal Gear Solid developer Hideo Kojima in 2014, almost handing the pivotal horror franchise over to Kojima. This has put the franchise’s future in jeopardy for more than six years. Now, new news asserts Konami is proposing a Silent Hill soft reboot, however could be A credible rumor or fan fiction. Let’s find out. Here’s everything we know regarding Silent Hill: Reboot.

When’s The New Silent Hill Coming Out?

Since Konami has not officially confirmed the existence of a new Silent Hill game, we don’t yet have a release date. Game Chronicle reports that Konami plans to showcase a myriad of  Silent Hill projects during E3 this coming year. Despite Konami’s stated intention to share details at E3 2021, the company claims that development roadblocks have prevented this from happening.

Akira Yamaoka, the series’ longtime composer, may have backed up this claim. Yamaoka hinted at a new project in the summer of 2021 in a YouTube interview he did in February of that year. He said the project was “the one you’re hoping to hear about,” but he didn’t mention Silent Hill by name in his description.

It’s possible that the reboot isn’t too far-fetched if the studio is planning a return. There’s a chance that the new Silent Hill could arrive in 2022 or 2023. While you wait, Enjoy the 2015 Silent Hill Trailer.

Do We Have A Silent Hill Trailer?

Because the game has yet to be officially announced, Konami hasn’t yet released a Silent Hill Reboot trailer. If and when the reboot happens, don’t expect a lavish reveal right away; instead, expect a short teaser and perhaps a logo, with little to no actual gameplay.

What’s The Plot Of Silent Hill Reboot?

We don’t have all the information just yet. The project will be a “soft reboot,” according to 2020 leaker Dusk Golem, which will keep many of the original’s elements, allowing both new HillHeads aficionados and long-time gamers to enjoy and live the game.

Similarly, Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 introduced new protagonist Ethan Winters while keeping a few old-time characters like Chris Redfield. Perhaps the reboot of Silent Hill will feature similar iconic characters. Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head became playable characters in the 2020 released Dead By Daylight, indicating that they are the most recognizable characters from the installment and compelling bidders for a reboot.

Rumours About Who’s Developing The Game?

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, there have been rumors of a Silent Hill reboot involving two primary game developers and Konami as publisher. Gematsu reported on October 1 that Sony was funding a Silent Hill game developed by Kojima Productions. This was later disputed by leaker Shepshal_Nick, and Sony leaker Millie A.

Although Kojima hasn’t responded to the rumors, some of his Twitter followers speculated that his reading habits could be a hint. According to Kojima’s social media posts from June 2021, he was reading Karen Slaughter’s The Silent Wife and Joe Hill’s Full Throttle. The connection between Konami, and Kojima is shaky at best at this point, and there is a history of bad blood between the two.

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