Dubai Expo 2020: Everything You Need To Know

Middle East, African, and Southern African (MEASA) countries are gearing up for the first time to host a World Expo. The Dubai expo, which was originally slated to span from October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021, will now commence on October 1, 2021, and extend through March 31, 2022. Due to the obvious worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the program had been rescheduled.

The cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the ground zero for Dubai Expo. it’s going to be a huge spectacle, the Dubai Expo will see 60 shows every day, with a total of 191 country pavilions, and more than 200 eateries on-site.

As per the Outlook India report, Each sub-theme would have its own district.

What is Dubai Expo & Where Is Dubai Expo Site Located?

Dubai Expo is a grand event that draws the world’s greatest arts, sciences, and innovation. The convention provides a venue for people from all around the world to connect, sharing ideas, create, and keep up with the latest technologies, it’s also an excellent destination for a family getaway! 

Dubai Expo will take place in Dubai’s South district, near Al Maktoum International Airport. The venue is open and accessible from Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Cruise Terminals, and Dubai International Airport. 

How to Get Tickets For Dubai Expo 2020?

If you wish to attend the World’s biggest event, the event tickets are available for sale on the event’s website. There are several alternatives available; the VIP tickets, which cost $ 495 are among the most expensive. You can also avail an onde day pass if you’re only in Dubai for a day. The one-day pass for Dubai Expo is priced at $27.45

How Can You Reach The Site?

By Expo Rider Buses

The government has dedicated a special bus service so tourists and visitors can reach the Dubai Expo site without any hassle. Visitors attending Expo 2020 don’t have to purchase a ticket to ride it, and it leaves from a variety of destinations around Dubai as well as the other Emirates. Just keep in mind where it drops you off because you’ll have to catch the bus from the same gate to get back to your hotel.


Catching a morning metro is the best way to get to the Dubai Expo. The Dubai Metro Red Line connects the city of Dubai with Expo 2020’s main entrance via the Dubai International Financial Center. From Saturdays to Wednesdays, the last metro for the Expo Event departs at  00:00 and on Thursday to Friday at 01:00.

The Emirates called in an Avenger (Chris Hemsworth) for a promotional feature to publicize the Dubai Expo 2020, which is touted as one of the world’s finest events. This year’s theme says “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” with the goal to encourage crowds through the sub-themes of mobility, opportunity, and sustainability.

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