Blood Free Episode 7 Recap – Everything That Happened in Episode 14!

Episode 7 of the well-liked K-drama Blood Free debuted on Disney Plus on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST. In the episode, CEO of BF Group Yoon Ja-Yoo and bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon were shown identifying the spy responsible for all of the company’s misfortunes.

They eventually manage to apprehend Jung Hae-Dun, who reveals himself to be Seon Woo-Gun’s spy, giving Park Sang-Min the order to murder Kim Shin-Gu. Later on, though, Ja-Yoo fires Chae-Woon when the latter admits he went into the business to see if she was a part of the Azoran bombing.

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The biotechnology company BF Group and its CEO, Yoon Ja-Yoo (Han Hyo-Joo), who controls the market for genetically modified cultured beef, are at the heart of Blood Free’s plot. She wants to disrupt the human food chain, stop animal killing, and establish a dominant species. But when resistance emerges from both people and employees of the corporation, she employs bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon (Ju Ji-Hoon), a former soldier, to keep her safe.

Blood Free Episode 7 Recap

In episode 7 of Blood Free, Ju Ji-Hoon Assists Han Hyo-Joo in Locating the Infiltrator

The previous episode of Blood Free continued with the detention of bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon and the murder of fellow bodyguard Kim Ho-Seung. Ja-Yoo requested that Jung Hae-Dun pay Ho-Seung’s family a visit and convey his condolences. Nevertheless, Hae-Dun communicated the incident to Seon Woo-Geun, the CEO of Dorson, and ascertained that Park Sang-Min had managed to evade capture. She was concerned for her safety in anticipation of Ja-Yoo’s eventual revelation that she had deceived BF Group as a spy.

Woo-Geun requested that she refute all accusations in the event of apprehension, given that any proof of her participation would be dissolved. Sang-Min, meanwhile, fled with his possessions after igniting an explosion in an abandoned factory by torching his vehicle. Under the guise of another individual, he evaded Woo-Geun’s men.

The latter then entrusted Prime Minister Seon Woo-Jae, Sang-Min’s son, with the mission of apprehending him. Upon obtaining the camera footage from the Superintendent of Police, Woo-Jae was astounded to witness Chae-Woon’s extraordinary strength during their altercation with the police. Ja-Yoo’s endeavor was a success, Woo-Jae observed.

Subsequently, at the police station, Ja-Yoo encountered Chae-Woon and apprised him that she had exponerated him of the murder allegations. The bodyguard, when queried about Chae-Woon’s altercation with the police, detailed a searing sensation in the officer’s arm, which precipitated his spring. Upon Chae-Woon’s return, Ja-Yoo suggested they conduct a test, but he insisted that they identify the culprit first. Chae-Woon murmured something in her ear prior to her departure.

Ja-Yoo apologized to the police officers for the conduct of Chae-Woon during their meeting. By virtue of her spectacles being on, On San at BF Group was able to discern particulars pertaining to the assailant Sang-Min, such as his visage.

Upon witnessing Seo Hui’s breakdown over the inadequate construction of censor suits that failed to protect Ho-Seung, they concluded that Seo Hui was not implicated, despite their initial suspicions. Additionally, San informed her that Sang-Min had destroyed his vehicle and set a detonation at a repair shop. Ja-Yoo requested that the police investigate immediately.

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Concurrently, Chae-Woon was released by the police. He inquired whether Ja-Yoo was the one who had taken him out. Nevertheless, she declined. After being escorted to Woo-Jae’s residence by a group of men, Chae-Woon was questioned by the latter regarding his superhuman strength.

Woo-Jae, Chae-Woon believed, was responsible for the bombing at Azoran. He disclosed that terrorist Kir’s family was thriving abroad after obtaining a difficult-to-obtain special immigrant visa at the time.

Chae-Woon observed that Woo-Jae was dubious of the circumstances surrounding the incident. The bodyguard inquired as to whether Woo-Jae had devised the Azoran bombing that resulted in the deaths of his grandfather and former president Lee Mun-Gyu.

As his frustration increased, Woo-Jae incessantly demanded to know more about Chae-Woon’s strength. Soon after Chae-Woon struck Woo-Jae in the nose, causing him to bleed, the two engaged in combat. Ja-Yoo eventually arrived at the residence.

While Chae-Woon awaited Ja-Yoo’s arrival outside, she engaged Woo-Jae in an extensive discussion. As a result of her request to conduct experiments on him, he became the dominant species.

Blood Free Episode 7 Recap

However, Ja-Yoo insisted that she was not merely inducing a mutation, but rather establishing a facility that would enable individuals worldwide to afford human organs. Upon being requested to maintain her grip by Woo-Jae prior to his challenge, Ja-Yoo departed, thereby uncovering his true nature.

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Ja-Yoo informed Chae-Woon en route back that Jung Hae-Dun was the assassin. Ho-Seung inquired as to Hae-Dun’s routine pertaining to Ja-Yoo. After discovering that Chae-Woon and Ho-Seung were in pursuit of Shin-Gu’s murderer, she incentivized them to visit the welfare center. On San fooled Hae-Dun into believing the suspect had been apprehended by providing her with a fabricated location. Her attempt to communicate that message to Won-Geun was apprehended by the team.

In defiance of Won-Geun’s counsel, Hae-Dun incessantly denied any connection to the CEO of Darson. Chae-Woon ultimately confronted Hae-Dun regarding the likelihood that Woo-Jae had assured her of eternal life.

Additionally, he stated that she included him in the interview pool in accordance with Won-Geun’s desire for him to serve as Ja-Yoo’s bodyguard. Chae-Woon disclosed that he was not dispatched by Seon-Jae to determine whether Ja-Yoo was accountable for the Azoran explosive detonation. They instead utilized Shin-Gu to discover the company’s hidden truth.

Chae-Woon endeavored to elicit the truth from Hae-Dun. He inquired as to the perpetrator of Ho-Seung’s homicide and whether she had abandoned Won-Geun and Woo-Jae in the wake of the Azoran terror attack. At the conclusion of the episode, Ja-Yoo requested that Chae-Woon cease.

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