My ID is Gangnam Beauty Ending Explained With Recap and Spoilers!

Cha Eun-Woo and Im Soo-Hyang play the lead parts in the 2018 Korean romantic drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty. The plot centers on a college student who, following cosmetic surgery, attempts to alter her lifestyle.

Do Kyung-Seok is an attractive yet obstinate character portrayed by Cha Eun-Woo. Kang Mi-Rae, portrayed by Im Soo-Hyang, has undergone plastic surgery. The series’ Netflix synopsis reads: “Mi-Rae, who is bullied for her appearance, undergoes cosmetic surgery in the hopes of achieving a better life, but encounters new obstacles in college. Inspired by a popular Korean webcomic.

The lead characters are in a relationship in the season-ending episode, but they continue to encounter obstacles. College classmate and friend of Mi-Rae Hyeon Sua (Jo Woo-Ri) has previously ruined her life and attempted to sabotage her relationship with Kyung-Seok. However, Sua’s realization of her error in the conclusion ensures that the audience can anticipate a joyful ending.

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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Ending

My ID is Gangnam Beauty’s ending is quite gratifying. Sua recognizes her imperfections and decides to improve her mental health. The main characters, Mi-Rae (Im Soo-Hyang) and Kyung-Seok (Cha Eun-Woo), form an official pair at college. The remaining supporting characters likewise receive a happy ending.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty Ending Explained

The Korean drama concludes with Mi-Rae celebrating Kyung-Seok’s birthday and giving him a couple’s sweatshirt. The next day, the two wear the hoodies to college, where their friends mock them. The conclusion concludes on a pleasant note. My ID is Gangnam Beauty is available for viewing on Netflix.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty Recap and Spoilers

A Netflix Korean drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty. The sixteenth and final episode of Gangnam Beauty airs with Mi-Rae (Im Soo-Hyang) and Kyung-Seok (Cha Eun-Woo) at home alone. A kiss is exchanged before she retires to her chamber for the night. Her parents summon Kyung-Seon in the middle of the night, but the telephone is located in the living room, where she is sound asleep.

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Upon being unable to awaken Mi-Rae, he answers the phone and identifies himself as the romantic partner of Mi-Rae. Her parents appear to be quite pleased with their daughter’s decision. The following morning, the leading couple retires to their dormitories. Sua (portrayed by Jo Woo-Ri) has taken to her chamber by locking herself inside, an indication that she is depressed. Sue, contrary to Yoo Eun’s (Park Yoo-Na) recommendation, would rather remain at home.

Conversely, Woo-Young (Kwan Dong-Yeon) becomes aware that inappropriate images of Sua have been posted online by her stalker. He attempts to eliminate them but is unsuccessful. As a result of Sue’s refusal to register a complaint against the stalker, the situation is complicated. However, to assist Sua, Yoo Eun requests Mi-Rae’s assistance. However, the latter is averse to contemplating Sua due to the considerable difficulty she has previously caused her.

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