Where to Find and Catch Azurobe in Palworld? Location, Strategy, and Tips

Where to Find and Catch Azurobe in Palworld? You should try to catch an Azurobe because they are a Water Element Pal and have a great partner skill called Waterwing Dance. The Azurobe can be used as a mount to cross water on the map.

The internet is going crazy over how famous Palworld is. There are millions of players who have flocked to the Palpagos Islands to hunt, explore, make, and fight with their own Pals. There is a different kind of Pal that is good for different kinds of work. In other words, you should try to catch at least one of each kind.

There are more ways to use Azurobe than just riding it to get across water zones. Its partner skill, Waterwing Dance, hurts the player’s hits with water while they’re riding.

As you might guess, Azurobe’s job skill is Watering, and it is used to do things like power water wheels or water plants.

Where Can I Find Azurobe?

There is a lake near the Bridge of the Twin Knights where you can find the Azurobe miniboss.

Where to Find and Catch Azurobe in Palworld?

In the lower part of the lake, you can see Azurobe. However, it likes the deeper water and will move toward it. Players can follow it into the deeper water of the lake, but keep in mind that this will make it harder to move around in battle.

How to Get to Azurobe?

Even though Azurobe is a Water Element, Electric and Ice Element Pals are stronger than it. If you want to win the battle fast, a pick like Beakon or Foxcicle is the best choice.

Even when it’s low on strength, Azore is hard to catch. So, you should have at least Giga Spheres unlocked before you grab this Pal.

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Azurobe, a Water Element Pal with Waterwing Dance partner skill, can be found in a lake near the Bridge of the Twin Knights. It can be used for watering, powering water wheels, and plants. To catch Azurobe, choose Electric and Ice Element Pals like Beakon or Foxcicle.

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