Is Dylan Llewellyn Gay? The Actor Behind Jack in Big Boys Reveals All

Is Dylan Llewellyn Gay? In the always-interesting world of celebrity mania, the focus sometimes moves from the professional to the personal.

Dylan Llewellyn is a talented English actor who is known for his roles in famous TV shows like Hollyoaks, Derry Girls, Big Boys, and Beyond Paradise. Recently, he has been the subject of rumors about his sexuality.

Llewellyn’s amazing acting skills have earned him praise and fans for his captivating roles as characters like Martin “Jono” Johnson and James Maguire.

But because of rumors going around online about his sexuality, many people are still wondering: Is Dylan Llewellyn gay? Read this piece to find out what the rumors are really about and to learn more about the actor’s personal life.

Who is Dylan Llewellyn?

Dylan John Llewellyn is an English actor who is known for playing John “Jono” Johnson in Hollyoaks, James Maguire in Derry Girls on Channel 4, Jack in Big Boys, and PC Kelby Hartford in Beyond Paradise.

After three English boys, Llewellyn was born in Surrey as the youngest. He went to More House School in Farnham, which is a special school for kids with autism, dyslexia, and developmental language disorder.

Is Dylan Llewellyn Gay?

Llewellyn studied acting at RADA and got a foundation degree. Llewellyn has dyslexia and found that the help she got at a special school was helpful.

Is Dylan Llewellyn Gay?

Not at all, Dylan Llewellyn is not gay. There are a lot of stories going around about Dylan Llewellyn’s sexuality, but the truth is very different. It was mostly because of how well he played Jack in the LGBTQ comedy Big Boys that the rumor started.

Llewellyn didn’t even try to avoid the job; at a press launch at London’s Charlotte Street Hotel, she talked about how proud she was to be a part of such a project.

He told Attitude Magazine, “Everything about it was beautiful to me,” to show how excited he was. I was excited to get the part and do my best to tell Jack’s story. “I’m so proud to be in it.”

Speaking out about the rumors about his sexuality, Llewellyn has made it clear that he is straight. A showing of the first three episodes of Derry Girls, where he plays James, gave him a chance to talk openly with his character Jack, saying:

“I feel like I know Jack. Because we both grew up around the same time and because I’ve lost a family friend, this story hits home for me.

The star has also made it clear that he supports the LGBTQ+ community, and he backed this up with a tweet in 2018:

“#Pride2018: “I support gay people even though I’m not gay myself!”

Llewellyn’s past relationships with women, which are detailed in several online stories, prove that he is straight.

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Is Dylan Llewellyn Dating Anyone?

As of right now, Dylan Llewellyn doesn’t seem to be in a relationship, which has led to rumors that the skilled actor is single.

Is Dylan Llewellyn Gay?

There have been rumors of a long-term relationship in the past, but the details are still unknown because Llewellyn likes to keep his love life quiet.

Many people look at the actor’s social media accounts to find out about his current relationship state, but there are no obvious clues. He is very private about his personal life.

Dylan Llewellyn keeps his focus on his work and doesn’t talk about his personal life, so fans who want to see what’s going on in his love life may be stuck.

At the moment, it looks like the charming star is going through life without a significant other by his side.

Many famous people have been caught in the spotlights of their rivals this year. Muni Long, Pauly Shore, and many more famous people are represented here. But we have already answered all the questions that fans had through our posts. We hope this answers your question about whether or not Dylan Llewellyn is gay.


Dylan Llewellyn, an English actor known for his roles in TV shows like Hollyoaks, Derry Girls, Big Boys, and Beyond Paradise, has been the subject of rumors about his sexuality. The rumors started due to his role as Jack in the LGBTQ comedy Big Boys.

Llewellyn has made it clear that he is straight and supports the LGBTQ+ community. Currently, rumors suggest he is single, but details are unknown due to his private nature.

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