Benjilock Net Worth: How Robbie Cabral Turned His Idea Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business?

Benjilock Net Worth: Let’s talk about Benjilock’s cash. People are interested in how much money Benjilock is making since they make cool protection gear. This post has everything you need to know about Benjilock.

How Much is Benjilock’s Net Worth?

The company Benjilock, which makes fingerprint padlocks, was started by Robbie Cabral in 2013. Benjilock is thought to have a net worth of about $4 million right now.

The business has teamed up with Ace Hardware and The Grommet to sell its goods in shops and online. Benjilock is a great example of how to be creative and business-minded in the security area. You can find more information about Benjilock below.

Shark Tank’s “The Journey of Benjilock”

Robbie’s debut on Shark Tank in 2017 changed everything. After being on Shark Tank, Robbie left with $200,000 in cash, and Kevin O’Leary was given a 15% share in the business.

Benjilock Net Worth

Many of Robbie’s successes are due to his friendship with Kevin O’Leary. He says, “Kevin and his team have helped me navigate the business world in a way I couldn’t imagine.” They are a great example of working together because they do so much.

What Inspired BenjiLock’s Founder?

The founder of Benjilock, “Robbie Cabral,” was having a rough time. He had hit his lowest point: he was fat, out of work, and sad. He decided to improve his life one day and joined a nearby gym to start working out.

When Robbie was in the dressing room, he saw that some of his fellow gym-goers were having problems with their lockers.

Every day, he saw perfectly good locks being cut off with bolt cutters so that the owners could get their things back because they had forgotten their codes, left their keys in their lockers, lost their keys, or forgotten their keys. Robbie began making a new type of lock because he was sure there was a better way.

A Look at How Benjilock Was Made

The shape of the BenjiLock makes it different from others. Robbie made a one-of-a-kind hybrid recharging lock that can be opened with both a fingerprint and a regular key in case something goes wrong with the technology.

Even more interesting is that up to 10 different fingerprints can be saved in BenjiLock, so your family can safely use it.


Read About Benjilock’s Life After “Shark Tank”

Robbie Cabral took his new invention to CES, which is the biggest and busiest consumer tech show in the United States. His new idea became famous right away at CES.

Benjilock Net Worth

He was called by well-known US stores like Ace Hardware and The Grommet, and he was also recognized as a winner of the Innovation Awards. But getting picked for a casting call for the hit ABC show Shark Tank was the best part of the event.

BenjiLock was successful in more ways than just Shark Tank. Hampton Products International, a security business, wanted to work with Robbie on his new idea after seeing what they saw at CES.

A Look at the Early Years of Benjilock’s Creator

Robbie Cabral made BenjiLock. He grew up in the Dominican Republic. His mother raised him by herself, and the three of them often had money problems as kids. Even though his life started hard, it gave him the drive to work hard and keep going until he reached his goals. It also made him want to start his own business.


Benjilock, a Dominican-based company, is known for its fingerprint padlocks, which have a net worth of around $4 million. Founded in 2013, Benjilock was inspired by a problem with lockers and created a unique hybrid recharging lock that can open with both a fingerprint and a regular key.

The company has partnered with Ace Hardware and The Grommet to sell its products in stores and online. Benjilock’s success is attributed to its successful partnership with Kevin O’Leary, a 15% share in the business.

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