How to Play GTA Online Without PlayStation Plus? Everything You Need to Know

How to Play GTA Online Without PlayStation Plus? There have been highs and lows since Grand Theft Auto Online came out. The game came out in October 2013 as the online part of Grand Theft Auto V, which was the main game. Online came out a month before Main.

While GTA V got good reviews and broke a lot of sales records at the time, GTA Online had a lot of technical problems and wasn’t well accepted when it first came out. However, as the game went on, it was able to find its balance in the end.

GTA Online had a rough start, but fans and reviewers alike came to enjoy it as an important part of the series. After the game’s general grind was improved and new areas were added, the multiplayer experience got a lot better.

Some people are asking if they need a PlayStation Plus membership to play GTA Online now that it’s a stand-alone game. Know these things.

How to Play GTA Online Without PlayStation Plus?

From the beginning of the subscription-based service in 2013 (the same year the hugely popular PlayStation 4) until now, you’ve needed PlayStation Plus to play any full-fledged game online with other people. Some games, like Fortnite and Genshin Impact, are free to play, but most paid games with social features need PlayStation Plus to work.

Most people will find this to be a bad thing, but GTA Online also fits into this group. To play GTA Online, you need a PS Plus membership. The game came out in March 2022 as a stand-alone title, so you don’t need to have bought a regular GTA game to play it. As this is written, you can get it for just $19.99.

How to Play GTA Online Without PlayStation Plus?

But because it costs that much, you’ll also need to join PS Plus to play multiplayer.

There are different levels of PlayStation Plus memberships based on what you want to get out of it. You can sign up for any of them for one month, three months, or twelve months, and you can renew your contract at the end of each payment period. Some PS Plus plans cost as little as $79.99 a year, up to $134.99 a year for Extra, and $159.99 a year for Premium. Of course, the perks get better with each level of subscription.

Anyone who wants to try GTA Online on PlayStation can do so for as little as $30, which includes the game and the cheapest PS Plus membership for one month. PS Plus may be a must if you want to stay in the game, though.


GTA Online, released in October 2013, was initially a technical issue in the main game but eventually found its balance. As a stand-alone game, it requires a PlayStation Plus membership for multiplayer.

The game can be played without a PS Plus membership, which costs $19.99. Different levels of memberships are available, with some starting at $79.99 a year.

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