Liver King Net Worth: How He Built His Million Empire by Eating Raw Meat?

Liver King Net Worth: Have you ever thought about how people who have a big impact on people’s lives make a lot of money from their unique ideas? Meet Liver King, a businessman and exercise influencer from the United States.

We’ll talk about his career earnings and net worth in this piece.

Liver King’s Net Worth

Liver King’s net worth is thought to be around $310 million as of 2023. But if we look at his real estate and businesses more closely, the money he can use right away is more like $12 million. He also said that his personal and health business brings in around $100 million a year.

Liver King’s Early Life and Education

His birthday is April 7, 1977, and he was born in San Antonio, Texas. We don’t know much about Liver King’s childhood other than the fact that he had a hard time at school because of bullies.

Liver King Net Worth

After going to Texas Tech University, he got a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2000. He quit medical school instead of going on to the next level and went to work for a pharmaceutical company.

How Did Liver King Build His Wealth?

Liver King and his wife started a business as a dentist team and later sold it. The Johnsons quit their job as dentists and started selling health supplements. They then became full-time leaders.

Brian’s wife, Liver Queen, backed his ancestral way of life, which made Liver King a powerful figure who wore no shirt. Their businesses are based on a theory called “Ancestral Living,” which is based on how early humans lived. As part of this way of life, people eat raw meat, bone marrow, and animal liver and push their bodies to their limits.

Brain Johnson makes most of his money from businesses and relationships on social media. He gained a lot of fans on social media in 2022 and became a well-known figure in the U.S.

Johnson gets new fans by talking about his diet and workout routine. Liver King makes most of his money from his line of ancestral living supplements. He also gets paid to be a bodybuilder and pushes brands on social media to make money through endorsements and sponsorships.

His wealth has grown a lot in the last few years. Liver King’s yearly income in 2022 will be about the same as Johnson’s entire net worth in 2018.

How is Liver King’s Wealth Invested?

There are four supplement names that Liver King owns. Each one makes more than $1 million a year. He also works on 10 to 12 secret projects.

Liver King Net Worth

As a doctor, Liver Queen Barbara joined the company when it was just a small dental office. After selling Dentiq in 2010, Liver King grew it to offer more dental services and then went into other companies.

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Ancestral Supplements

Johnson’s main job is to sell vitamins made from animal organs, mostly protein powders. They say that the food we eat today keeps us from living our best lives. It is thought that Ancestral Supplements will make between $1 million and $10 million.

With 175,000 users a month, an average order of $80 for two supplements, and a 2% conversion rate, the website makes between $3 million and $4 million a year. Orders from Amazon could bring in an extra $24 million a year.

Liver King says he started the business and owns most of it. If the vitamins have a 38% profit margin, the company probably makes a profit of $380,000 to $3 million.

It looks like Johnson’s share in the company is worth about $1 million, even if we only guess how much money the business makes and how much Liver King owns.

Investing in Real Estate

Bryan Johnson and his family live in Austin, Texas, in a big, fancy Spanish-style house. Around that area, homes like that are generally worth about $7 million, but no one knows for sure if he owns it or how much he paid for it.

There is a pool, sauna, and steam shower in the cool house. We can see from the house tour that it’s not as fancy as the $7 million ones. It looks more like the $4 million ones. Let’s guess that his house is worth around $4 million.

There is a pool, a pond, and places for cows and hens at Liver Ranch, which is close to Austin, Texas. One of these pieces of land is owned by Liver King. It has at least three cows, two houses, and a shed.

Based on the idea that each part needs about an acre, the ranch is probably between six and ten acres. Most homes with similar features cost between $500,000 and $1 million. We think that Liver King’s Ranch is worth about $1 million because it has extras like a sauna, steam room, and pool.

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Liver King, a US businessman and exercise influencer, has a net worth of around $310 million as of 2023. He and his wife, Brian, started a dental business and later sold it to sell health supplements based on “Ancestral Living,” a theory promoting eating raw meat, bone marrow, and animal liver.

Liver King’s wealth is primarily generated from his line of ancestral living supplements, bodybuilding, and social media endorsements. He owns four supplement names, each making over $1 million a year.

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