Alex Skeel Net Worth: How His Girlfriend Abused Him and Changed His Life?

Alex Skeel Net Worth: Alex Skeel became known for his courage and support after telling the moving story of how he overcame domestic violence. Skeel, who was born on 17 August 1995, in Bedford, England, went through terrible physical and mental abuse at the hands of his ex-partner.

His story became popular after he told everyone about the abuse. It brought attention to the problem of male domestic violence, which is often ignored. People are interested in Alex Skeel’s net worth as they think about his life after he overcame hardships and brought attention to this important social problem.

Alex Skeel’s Early Life

Skeel and his twin brother were born early on August 17, 1995. He was only two pounds as a baby and had to stay in special care and have several surgeries. They lived in Stewartby, which is south of Bedford. The twins were kid models for the grocery store chain Asda.

Alex Skeel Net Worth

Alex Skeel, an English football coach, is thought to be worth between $1 million and $5 million. Alexander Gerald Skeel is an English football coach who was born on August 17, 1995 and has been through domestic violence.

The serious attack he suffered at the hands of his girlfriend, Jordan Worth (born 1994), got him a lot of attention from the media. Worth beat, starved, abused, and stabbed Skeel. He also burned him and hurt the tendons in his brain. Also, she wouldn’t let him go to the hospital for the cuts she gave him.

Alex Skeel Net Worth

Worth was given a whole seven and a half years in jail in 2018 for what she did. She was the first woman in the UK to be found guilty of the coercive control offense. Before she was freed in January 2022, she served half of her term.

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Alex Skeel Dating History

They met for the first time in 2012 when they were both 16 years old and in college. Worth used to be a dancer and then went to the University of Hertfordshire to get a degree in fine arts so she could become a teacher.

Worth, who was eighteen at the time, got pregnant with their first child, a son. After the birth, the couple moved to Stewartby. They broke up in June 2017, not long after their daughter was born.

Domestic Abuse

In the beginning of their relationship, Worth abused Skeel by telling him what to wear and hitting him. Worth blocked Skeel’s family from getting in touch with him and told them in text messages that they shouldn’t ever call or text him again.

After breaking his phone, she hacked into his social media accounts and made a fake Facebook account in his name that she could use. She scolded Skeel for caring about his family after telling him that his grandfather had died. He was crying at the time. It was found that between April 2016 and June 2017, there was coercive control. The amount of abuse went up.

What Happened to Alex Skeel?

For the BBC show Abused By My Girlfriend, which showed Alex’s horrifying experience, the father of two read aloud. By telling his story, he hoped to get more victims to come forward.

Jordan Worth did very well in school and came from a loving and caring family. After getting her 2:1 Honours Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hertfordshire, she planned to become a teacher.

Alex Skeel Net Worth

Worth, on the other hand, brutally controlled every part of her boyfriend Alex’s life at their Bedfordshire country home in Stewartby. They moved in together when they were 16 years old, in 2012. They met at college.

But she had power over him from the start and told him what he could wear. As the physical abuse got worse, Worth hit him with tools and knives and scolded him with boiling water.

To keep him away from people, she also broke his phone, stopping him from calling his family, and used it to send him mean texts.

Who Is Jordan Worth?

Alex was abused by his lover, Jordan Worth, from April 2016 to June 2017. Their abuse was both physical and mental. Since Worth was his first love partner, Alex thought that this kind of behavior might be normal in a relationship.

When Skeel’s friends asked about his wounds, he said he had hurt himself. At some point, a police officer got Alex to be honest about how he got hurt.

“He saved my life,” Alex said. He sat me down in his police car and said, “I know what’s going on.” You did not hurt these people. “Tell me the truth.” Alex lost a lot of weight after what happened and went back to living with his parents in Bedford.

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Alex Skeel, an English football coach, has gained fame for his courageous story of domestic violence. Born on August 17, 1995, in Bedford, England, Skeel suffered physical and mental abuse from his ex-partner, Jordan Worth. Worth beat, starved, abused, and stabbed Skeel, burned him and hurt his brain tendons.

Skeel was given seven and a half years in jail in 2018 for coercive control offenses. Worth was the first woman in the UK to be found guilty of such offenses.

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