How GTA V Got It Right: 5 Features That GTA VI Should Retain

We listed five GTA V features that we hope to see included in GTA VI. Rockstar Games, the company behind Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, revealed the next trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI earlier this month.

Although a lot of fans are eager to see all the new gameplay, we want to be realistic about what to expect from the video. Still, we can’t resist making a list of things we hope GTA V will bring back.

Five GTA V features that we hope to see in GTA VI:-

1. Character Abilities

The one thing I would most definitely love to see come back is Franklin’s special ability from Grand Theft Auto V. Ideally, if there are multiple protagonists in Grand Theft Auto VI, then this should be their default.

For those who are unaware, Franklin’s ability to drive in a slo-mo fashion made pursuit missions a great deal simpler. It also made driving about Los Santos’ streets considerably more thrilling, especially in the absence of a true goal.

Naturally, we also adore Trevor’s Red Mist, which increased his damage output while allowing him to absorb more hits. In general, we do not anticipate these skills being simply copied and pasted. But given that the game openly advertises Grand Theft Auto, a driving feature seems reasonable.

We also wonder if Rockstar will try anything unconventional, such as giving characters more powers in battle against other main characters. Numerous speculations speculate that the main characters might be in a romantic relationship or be Bonnie and Clyde. It could seem appropriate to give them each a special skill that increases damage or grants them infinite ammunition.

2. Heist

The Three Leaf Clover Mission in Grand Theft Auto IV was nothing compared to the heists in Grand Theft Auto V. The range of options in GTA V’s heists was astounding, ranging from deciding which strategy to use to spotting superior crew members in arbitrary open-world situations.

Six heists total, all of which were interwoven with the storyline, were included in Grand Theft Auto V. You attacked the Union Depository, the FIB headquarters, and a diamond store during these heists.

How GTA V Got It Right: 5 Features That GTA VI Should Retain

But it doesn’t stop there. Players can create their own Heist crews by banding together in GTA V Online. Heists were technically replayable despite having a separate cooldown period. Consequently, you might always jump in and attempt to accept a challenge with your pals.

If not anything else, we wonder if GTA VI will put the same amount of time and care into heists. Maybe Rockstar is working on something else that will satisfy the urge to commit crimes.

3. Expanded Internet & Stock Market

The stock market tool that is accessible on every phone in Grand Theft Auto V is one of its more intriguing features. But it would be impossible to discuss it without also discussing the game’s online feature in its entirety.

Using your phone, GTA V lets you access a variety of websites where you may browse through hilarious articles, view full TV episodes, read social media messages, and of course, check out the stock market.

First first, the stock made it possible for users to complete Lester Missions and make enormous sums of money. Even though we don’t think this kind of exploit would happen again, we really adore how intricate the feature felt. We cherished the notion that your deeds had an impact on the universe.

Have you taken down a store? That could work to its competitor’s advantage, therefore you should put money into them.

In general, we’re curious about how much deeper GTA VI could get. Will there be more podcasts, livestreams, or shows? Who knows? Even so, a slight modification to the basic feature would still be appreciated.

4. Teams

In relation to GTA V Online, crews are expected to make a reappearance in GTA VI Online. As a result, users were able to start their own gangs, complete with unique 4-character tags, mottos, and emblems.

Joining a crew enhanced the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto, even though it’s not the most important aspect that should be brought back. It simply meant that you could play the game and form teams with more individuals. All in all, we hope to see Crews back.

GTA VI might use a completely different approach while adhering to Crews’ vision. It’s possible that the creators intend to change Crews completely or scrap it altogether.

5. Dog Or Pet Companion

Finally, and more for laughs, but we would really love to see a dog in Grand Theft Auto VI. It took time and effort to train Chop, but traveling with Man’s best friend was enjoyable.

Or you could take him along to chew unsuspecting citizens or hostile goons. Finally, for those who wanted to pass the time while waiting for their friends to get aboard, playing with Chop offered a pleasant diversion.

Additional animal variations, such as tigers, bears, coyotes, hyenas, or something else, might be added to GTA VI to build on the concept. It is also possible, though, that the developer decides not to include a feature that isn’t absolutely necessary in the upcoming game. We believe that Grand Theft Auto benefits from Rockstar’s meticulous attention to detail, having seen it with RDR2.

That brings an end to our list of desired features. All things considered, we anticipate that many series-staple characteristics will persist. But you never know what to anticipate. Rockstar, whose contributions made games like L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption possible. Still, we’re curious about what features GTA VI will genuinely include.

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