Are Sam and Colby Gay? The Truth About the YouTube Duo’s Sexuality

Are Sam and Colby Gay? Sam and Colby are two of the most well-known individuals on YouTube. Their funny and exciting videos have made them famous. Over 5 million people follow them on their main channel, where they visit haunted and abandoned places.

On their second channel, where they post vlogs and challenges, they have over 2 million followers. A lot of people follow them on other social media sites, like Instagram and TikTok.

But with fame comes interest, and a lot of fans have been curious about Sam and Colby’s personal lives, especially why they are gay. Do they like gay people? Do they go out together? Are they seeing someone else? These questions have been going around the web for years, and the two have never given a clear answer.

With the help of their videos, social media posts, interviews, and rumors, this piece will try to find out the truth about Sam and Colby’s sexuality.

The Evidence for Sam and Colby Being Gay

Some fans have thought that Sam and Colby might be gay and be seeing each other behind closed doors. The following information has led them to believe what they think:

Sam and Colby are very close and love each other a lot. They kiss, hug, hold hands, and say “I love you” to each other all the time. On trips, they sleep together in the same bed and sometimes wear the same clothes. Sometimes as a joke or a dare, they’ve even kissed each other on the lips.

Are Sam and Colby Gay?

They’ve also dressed up as drag queens and each other’s lovers. Also, they’ve made jokes about getting married, having kids, and getting a dog together.

Sam and Colby have never said for sure that they are gay or straight. They have always dodged the question or answered in a vague or sarcastic way. They have said things like “maybe,” “who knows,” “it’s a mystery,” and “we’re not telling” when asked if they are gay. Also, they’ve said that they don’t like labels and are accepting of and strong for the LGBTQ+ group.

The Evidence Against Sam and Colby Being Gay

But not everyone thinks Sam and Colby are gay. Some think they’re just best friends who like being around each other. They’ve brought up the following proof:

The two boys, Sam and Colby, have been with girls before and said they like women. Since 2016, Sam has been seeing singer and social media star Katrina Stuart. They’ve put up a lot of pictures and movies of themselves together and said they love each other.

Are Sam and Colby Gay?

Colby went out with YouTuber and gamer Brianna Paige Arsement in 2018. They also put up movies and pictures of the two of them together and said they were happy. Colby was also said to be dating YouTuber and influencer Amber Scholl in 2020, but the two have rejected the rumors and said they are just friends.

Sam and Colby have said they are not gay and are just kidding. These people have said that they are very at ease with their sexuality and that they don’t mind being silly and fun with each other.

Another thing they’ve said is that they’re not trying to trick anyone and are just having fun with their fans. Also, they’ve said that they value and respect their gay fans and don’t want to hurt or upset anyone.

Sam and Colby are also close and funny with other guys who are their friends. They’ve worked with other YouTubers like Elton Castee, Jake Webber, Corey Scherer, and Corey Scherer.

These people are also in their group, which they call the Trap House. As a joke or a dare, they have also held hands, hugged, cuddled, and kissed them on the lips. Another thing they’ve done is make movies in which they act gay or like they are dating them.



Do you think Sam and Colby are gay? We’re not sure, that’s the answer. They are the only ones who can confirm or deny that they are gay, and they have decided not to do so.

Because of this, we should accept their right to privacy and their choice, and we shouldn’t guess or judge anything about them. They are still Sam and Colby, the same people we know and love, whether they are gay or not. They deserve our support and love.

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