Phaedra Parks Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating Now?

Phaedra Parks Boyfriend: Reality TV star Phaedra Parks is also a talent lawyer and business owner. People know her best for her role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she talked about her personal and business life. She also joined the group of the new show Married to Medicine, which is about women who are married to or dating doctors.

Who does Phaedra Parks date now? Does she still have a boyfriend named Dr. O, or has she moved on to someone else? This is what we know about her love life.

Phaedra Parks and Dr. O: A Short-Lived Romance

She introduced her fans to her boyfriend, Dr. O, a Nigerian pediatric cardiologist, when she joined Season 10 of Married to Medicine. She told him that she was dating someone else and that they had been together for over a year. He was also one of the smartest guys she had ever met, she said.

But it looks like they didn’t stay together for long because Phaedra Parks hinted at breaking up with him in a recent interview. She said she was happy and single, and there could be another doctor in the picture. She also said that she had to keep her connection secret because TV had hurt her relationships in the past.

A Troublent Marriage: Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida, a fitness teacher who used to be in prison, was married to Phaedra Parks before. They got married in 2009 and have two boys together, Ayden and Dylan. Their marriage was shown on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where they had to deal with a lot of problems and issues.

Phaedra Parks Boyfriend

A man named Apollo Nida got eight years in jail in 2014 for fraud and identity theft. He and Phaedra Parks broke up, and in 2015, she asked for a divorce. But the divorce took longer and was more difficult because Apollo Nida fought the terms and filed his own suit. Last but not least, they got a divorce in 2017.

It is said that Phaedra Parks and Tim Norman had an affair.

They were also linked to Tim Norman, who is on reality TV and owns a restaurant. He was on the show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, which is about his family’s soul food business. He is said to have dated Phaedra Parks in 2016, when she was still married to Apollo Nida.

But they never said for sure that they were dating, and Tim Norman later said that they were never together. He said they were just friends and that they met through people they both knew. He also said he didn’t want to date anyone famous.

In 2020, Tim Norman was arrested for reportedly planning to kill his nephew in 2016. He is now in prison. He is being charged with planning to kill someone for money, and if found guilty, he could get life in jail or the death penalty.


In Conclusion

You can find a lot of good dates for Phaedra Parks because she is successful and lives on her own. She’s been with a range of guys, from doctors to ex-convicts, but none of them have been the right fit for her. She’s not in a relationship right now, but she’s willing to find love again.

She even hinted in a recent interview that she might have a new doctor. Who knows, Phaedra Parks might soon tell everyone about her new boyfriend.

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