Venus Williams Forfeits Match Against Trans Woman: Check The Fact

Did Venus Williams get a standing ovation for “refusing to play a trans woman”? That’s not true at all: The claim came from an article on a website that is part of a network of funny websites. On Facebook, the news network’s page, it says, “Nothing on this page is real.”

The claim was made in a Facebook post on October 2, 2023. It began:

Way to go, Venus!

There was a picture of two tennis players on the post, and underneath it was text that said:


‘I’m not playing a guy’

-Scott Baio on OnlyFans

At the time this was written, this is how the Facebook post looked:

Venus Williams Forfeits Match Against Trans Woman

The account that made this post was called “America — Love It or Leave It.” The caption had a link to the site, where the picture and title came from. This Facebook page and story are part of America’s Last Line of Defense, a funny network that Christopher Blair made and runs.

The title of the Facebook post said it all: “Venus Williams Gets a Standing Ovation For Refusing to Play a Trans Woman.” The story linked to had the same headline, which read:

Venus Williams has been a tennis player for a long time or ever. Serena and her sister have won more wins together than any other sister pair in the history of sports.

This is why Venus made a big deal when she refused to play a match against Joe “Josepheena” LaBarron of France.

Venus Williams is not shown in the picture on the left. Serena Williams, her sister, is getting cheers after making it through the third round of the 2022 U.S. Open.

The tennis player on the right in the post picture is Amélie Mauresmo. She is the first Frenchwoman in tennis history to reach the top of the world rankings. She says she is a straight woman.

The news organization that covers Venus Williams was contacted by Lead Stories. If they get back to them, they will make changes to this fact check.

The spoof sites run by Blair are called America’s Last Line of Defense (ALLOD). Conservative Tears and the America Love It or Leave It social media account are both part of ALLOD. It reads on its Facebook page: “This page is fake.”

Source: Lead Stories

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