Who is Brendan Schaub Wife? Her Career, Her Interests, and Her Relationship

Who is Brendan Schaub Wife? The American Brendan Schaub hosts podcasts, does stand-up comedy, and used to be a mixed martial artist. He fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2009 and stopped fighting in 2015. He started out as a professional mixed martial artist by winning the Ring of Fire heavyweight title. He mostly fought in Colorado, where he had a 4-0 record.

After he quit mixed martial arts, he started doing stand-up comedy with Bryan Callen. Schaub is also co-host of the show Golden Hour and co-hosts The Fighter and the Kid and Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub.

He started being a judge on the Bravo network’s TV show Play-By-Play in 2018. In 2019, he made his first comedy show for Showtime called “You’d Be Surprised,” which aired on May 18.

It was 2020, and Schaub played his second role in the big-budget movie “The Tax Collector.” He also fought for the company for almost five years. We will talk at length about Brendan Schaub’s wife and his family.

Who is Brendan Schaub?

Brendan married the woman he had been seeing for a long time. She runs a business, models, hosts sports shows, and acts. She won the title of Miss Mexico FOX Sports in 2009.

She was born in West Hollywood, California, on May 5, 1998. Her parents are Leticia Zanella Allen and Juan Carlos Camberos. They moved to Mexico when she was nine years old. When she came back to the US, she started working as a child actor.

Who is Brendan Schaub Wife?

Joanna got her first job when she was ten years old. She was signed to an agency by her parents, who told her she could be an actress. As a child, she was in ads for Nickelodeon, Well Fargo Bank, and Umbrella Girls USA, among other well-known names. The Gabriel’s Award for VOZ Latina success was given to her.

She made her own clothesline called JZSTYLE. Zanella was an ambassador and spokesperson for Dearden’s, a store that sells furniture and home goods.

Who is Brendan Schaub Wife?

Bryan Schaub and Joanna Schaub are happy in their home together. In 2017, they said yes to marriage. The two have been together since 2014 and have never broken up. They got married behind closed doors on May 24, 2019, in front of Zanella’s brother.

Schaub told Zanella the truth about the problems in his marriage. Brendan said that even though he and Zanella had issues, COVID-19 did not end their marriage. They’ve spent time with their kids and are happy with their lives now. Brendan and Joanna are open about their love, as shown by the many pictures they’ve posted on Instagram.

In 2015, Zanella spent the night before the new year with Brendan. In an Instagram post, she tagged Brendan in a picture and wrote, “Happy New Year!!!” I hope 2015 goes well for you.”

They spend a lot of time with their family and go to events together. They spent Thanksgiving with their sons in 2020. You can see movies and pictures of the kids and the couple smiling on Joanna’s Instagram account. Brendan and Joanna like being with each other and often go on date nights.

A Career in Acting for Joanna Zanella

From 2009 to 2010, Joanna worked as an actress. She played the part of Jazmin in the movie In día en el banco. She became famous because of her part in the movie.

Who is Brendan Schaub Wife?

Cristina Salazar on the TV show Sin Verguenza, played the part. Reality Terror Night and Sleeping Dogs Lie both had performances by Zanella. On IMDb, there is also a page for her.

Joanna Zanella Worked As A Sports Presenter

Joanna used to work as a UFC reporter. She has written about sports in both the US and Mexico, like baseball, soccer, and mixed martial arts. After she finished high school, she became interested in sports.

She is a host on Fox Deportes, which was the first Spanish-language sports network in the country. Zanella made a name for herself in both big and small-screen movies, but her main job was in the sports business.

The Kids of Brendan Schaub

Sean Schaub and Joanna Zanella He has two children: Tiger Pax Schaub, born in 2016, and Boston Schaub, born in 2019. Joanna told everyone on Instagram on August 25, 2015, that she was pregnant.

In a picture of herself and Brendan at the hospital, she wrote “Boy or Girl.” Also, Zanella shared an ultrasound picture of the baby with the words “He’s a boy.”

She had a baby shower with family and friends on December 6, 2015. She had her son Tiger Pax Schaub on February 21, 2016, at 8:20 a.m. Joanna is honest about her life; she posts everything about it on her Instagram account. The fact that she went to a baseball game with Tiger on April 19, 2016, shows that she likes spending time with her child.

Then, on July 11, 2019, she shared an ultrasound video of her second child on Instagram, letting everyone know she was pregnant again. Joann had her second child, Boston Schaub, on November 26, 2019.

Tiger Pax Schaub

The oldest son of Brendan and Joanna is named Tiger Pax Schaub. Tiger has been living for six years. He likes being with his family. On July 17, 2016, Tiger’s family marked the birthday of her grandmother.

Boston Schaub

Boston Schaub is the younger son of Brendan and Joanna. This city has been around for three years. He spent Christmas with his parents on December 22, 2019. Tiger, Boston’s brother, and they are very close.

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Brendan Schaub, an American mixed martial artist, hosts podcasts, and stand-up comedy, and co-hosts Golden Hour and The Fighter and the Kid. He also co-hosted Showtime’s “You’d Be Surprised” in 2019. Schaub fought for the company for almost five years.

He married Joanna Zanella, a former child actor and sports presenter. They got married in 2014 and have been together since then. They have two children: Tiger Pax Schaub and Boston Schaub.

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