Is Stephen Mulhern Gay? What He Has Said About Being Gay or Not

Is Stephen Mulhern Gay? Since many years ago, English TV host, magician, and entertainer Stephen Mulhern has been a well-known figure on TV. From his early days hosting kids’ shows on CITV like “Finger Tips” and “Tricky TV” to his current job hosting hit shows like “Catchphrase” and “In for a Penny,” Mulhern has made a name for himself in British television.

But lately, the news hasn’t been about his job, but about his personal life. There are reports that Stephen might replace Phillip Schofield on “Dancing On Ice,” which has made people more interested in his sexuality. This piece goes into more detail about the question that everyone is interested in: Stephen Mulhern: Is he gay?

Who is Stephen Mulhern?

Stephen Daniel Mulhern is a TV host, magician, and comedian from England. He began his work at CITV, where he hosted the kids’ shows Finger Tips (2001–2004) and Tricky TV (2005–2010).

Animals Do the Funniest Things (2007–2011), This Morning’s Hub (2011–2014), Catchphrase (2013–present), Big Star’s Little Star (2013–2018), In for a Penny (2019–present), Rolling In It (2020–2021), Deal or No Deal (2023–present), and Dancing on Ice (2024–present) are some of the ITV shows that Mulhern has hosted.

Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?

Not at all, Stephen Mulhern is not gay. Some people are interested in Stephen Mulhern’s sexuality, and it’s important to note that he has always kept his personal life very private.

Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?

People often guess that he is gay because of his privacy, but there is no solid proof to support this. Mulhern’s strategy for staying out of sight includes how he acts on social media as well.

If you look at his Instagram or other social media accounts, he doesn’t share much about his personal life, especially when it comes to relationships.

It’s important to accept his right to privacy, and he has never talked about his sexuality in public. He has been with women before, though, which is something to keep in mind. If you only look at this information, you should be able to tell that he is straight.

Who is Stephen Mulhern Dating at the Moment?

At this point, it looks like Stephen Mulhern is not dating anyone. People who watch the popular TV host haven’t said much about his personal life, including his relationships.

He doesn’t usually talk about his love life, but there have been times when he let us know what his relationship state was.

It was reported by Celebs Now that Stephen Mulhern said, “I am on my own.” When asked if he was a “single pringle,” all he said was, “Yes, I am.”

It looks like Mulhern has been enjoying being single. He even said, “I haven’t been on a date in about four years.” I sound really sad when I say that! I need to live. “I should not work so much.”

For now, it looks like the charismatic TV host is focusing on his work and other parts of his life. This has left his fans curious, but they are giving him space when it comes to his personal relationships.

Stephen Mulhern Dating History

Besides his relationship with EastEnders actress Emma Barton, he has never talked about a romance with anyone else in public. Mulhern started dating EastEnders actress Emma Barton in 2008 when they were both cast in the Snow White play at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre.

Is Stephen Mulhern Gay?

Barton played the lead part of Snow White, and Mulhern played Muddles. During their three-year relationship, they stayed out of the public eye most of the time. According to Mulhern, their relationship came to “a natural end” in 2011.

Barton is said to have moved on from Mulhern since then. In January 2023, she dated British rock singer and music producer Jason Perry. A source told The Sun on Sunday, “They are crazy about each other and very nice to be around.”

The actress was married to lawyer Nigel Stoat from 2002 to 2005 and has been with actor Joel Beckett from EastEnders and police officer Harry Waddington.

Many famous people have been caught in the spotlights of their rivals this year. Reggie Watts, Shayne Ward, and many more famous people are represented here. But we have already answered all the questions that fans had through our posts. We hope this answers your question about whether or not Stephen Mulhern is gay.

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