Is Luke Spiller Gay? The Truth About His Love Life and Sexual Orientation

Is Luke Spiller Gay? It’s been all over the news again about Luke Spiller, the electrifying lead singer of the British glam-rock hit The Struts.

Recently, during a performance on Good Morning America, the band gave an exciting sneak peek of their upcoming record, “Pretty Vicious,” making fans can’t wait for it to come out on November 3.

People are interested in more than just their songs, though. They want to know more about Luke’s personal life, especially his sexuality. We answer the question that many people have: “Is Luke Spiller gay?” Let’s look into the facts, the theories, and the artists who put on those amazing shows.

Who is Luke Spiller?

The lead singer of the British rock band The Struts is Luke Spiller. People know him for his flashy stage character and bright clothes.

Is Luke Spiller Gay

On September 8, 1984, he was born in Bristol, England. Though he is not gay, he does have a girlfriend named Laura Cartier. His taste in music is shaped by bands like The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Queen.

Is Luke Spiller Gay?

Luke Spiller is not gay, no. His choice to wear makeup and flashy clothes, as well as his androgynous style, has been seen by some fans and onlookers as signs that he is LGBTQ+.

But it’s important to remember that style and dress don’t always show what kind of person someone is. It’s important to note that Luke Spiller’s band, The Struts, has always pushed for acceptance and inclusion.

They have spoken out in support of LGBTQ+ rights and played at Pride events to show their support for love and equality. Some people think that Spiller’s support might come from his own experiences or views because of this. Luke Spiller has only been with women in the past, which is strong proof that he is straight.

In the spotlights of their competitors, this year have been many renowned celebrities. There are numerous well-known personalities here, such as Reggie Watts and Shayne Ward. But we think all the questions that our readers had have been covered in our blogs. We trust this clarifies your inquiry concerning the sexual orientation of Luke Spiller.

Who is Luke Spiller Dating at the Moment?

Luke Spiller, the lead singer of the famous rock band The Struts, seems to be very happy with his girlfriend of many years, Laura Cartier Millon. The couple looks like they’re enjoying their time together, whether they’re having a special event or going on a romantic trip.

Is Luke Spiller Gay

Many people know French model Laura Cartier Millon. She has done very well in the fashion world. She is managed by the well-known Wrenn Management, and she has over 69,000 Instagram friends, which is a huge following.

She often posts beautiful modeling photos on Instagram that show off her style and grace. Laura is a model, but she is also an influencer for a number of well-known brands, such as God Save Queens, Same, and Burga Phone Cases.

The first time she posted those beautiful modeling photos on Instagram in September 2012, that was the start of her career as an influencer. It’s so sweet that this lovely couple started their trip together in 2014 and their love story still goes on today.

There may not be any new photos of Luke and Laura’s adventures on Instagram, but sources say they are still very much in love. Even though they choose to keep some parts of their relationship quiet, it’s clear that they are deeply connected.


Luke Spiller, lead singer of The Struts, has been a topic of interest for fans, especially those curious about his personal life and sexuality. Spiller’s androgynous style and makeup may be seen as LGBTQ+, but his band, The Struts, has always advocated for acceptance and inclusion.

Spiller is currently dating French model Laura Cartier Millon, who has a large following on Instagram. Their relationship is still ongoing, despite some details remaining quiet.

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