Top 5 Best Apps for Diagnosing Plant Diseases

Collected the top 5 applications that help diagnose diseases of indoor plants, as well as tell you how to cure them

Every gardener or plant lover has at least once faced a situation where their flower looks sickly, loses a lot of leaves and does not grow further. Immediately, many thoughts and options arise: whether the plant is standing in an uncomfortable place or the flower is sick. If you consider the situation that your plant is sick, the question arises, and how to understand than the flower is more and how to treat it, so that the plant does not die at all. In the past, you would have spent a lot of time searching and recognizing diseases from photos from articles on the Internet, but today, thanks to new technologies, you can just take a picture of the plant and in a few seconds specialized applications will tell you how to proceed. Today we will look at the top 5 apps that help you solve houseplant leaf problems.

Thanks to new technologies, not only mobile games but also very useful applications have settled in the mobile application market. For example, applications for determining the type of flowers and indoor plants. These kinds of applications work very simply: you need to download the application on your smartphone, take a picture of the indoor flower from different angles and within a few seconds you will know the type of plant. Such apps can often not only identify plants, but also have many additional functions, such as a watering schedule, the degree of light in the room required for a particular plant, a guide on how to care for indoor plants and, of course, information on plant diseases and how to treat them properly!

  1. First in our ranking is the PLNT application. The percentage of plant recognition is 98.7%. In the app you will find information about plant species, diseases and care. The functionality of PLNT is wide, the app has a watering schedule, the function of recognizing plant diseases by photo, as well as useful tips for treating plants and flowers. There are also additional chips, for example, light meter, calculation of the necessary amount of water for watering. By the way, the application also has a section “Blog”, where you can find useful articles about indoor and garden plants and their care.
  2. The second place is occupied by the Plantix application. The principle of work is simple: users upload photos of affected plants, and the application analyzes the images and gives the name of the flower and the cause of the disease. Plantix has a machine learning system. The more photos the user adds to the database, the more accurately it will work. The program not only diagnoses, but also provides users with information about preventive measures and methods to combat the disease. In addition to artificial algorithms, users can also make edits to the application. Users share their experience in fighting plant diseases.
  3. The third place in the ranking is the PictureThis app. It instantly recognizes more than 17,000 plant species from a photo using artificial intelligence. All you need to do is take a photo and get identification results in seconds. The app also helps diagnose plant problems with its Plant Doctor feature. PictureThis not only helps in disease identification, but also provides tips on how to prevent plant diseases from occurring. The app also has a tips section that contains items that will keep your plants happy and healthy. PictureThis also has a guide to watering, lighting, feeding, and more.
  4. Fourth place rightfully goes to the LeafSnap app. Have you ever determined the sex of a plant? With LeafSnap you can do it, and that’s not the only interesting feature of this app. The app helps you identify both indoor and garden plants, tells you about proper care, and helps you recognize diseases of your favorite flower. The principle of operation is not much different from previous applications: by taking a photo and uploading it, you can learn the scientific name and main characteristics of the plant. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it takes a few seconds to determine the species of the plant. In addition, LeafSnap has a database of thousands of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs.
  5. In fifth place in the ranking is the Agrio app. Disease identification is an essential component in plant care and the Agrio app emphasizes this value. In the app, regular users can find professional advice on flower care. In addition, Agrio offers biological and organic treatments as part of its integrated pest management protocols, making it even more relevant to gardeners and home florists.

Thus, plant identification apps not only have the function of recognizing plants, but can also help with the treatment of your indoor plant. Such apps can identify diseases either from photos or through the help of other users. However, in such apps you will definitely find answers to your questions about the treatment, care, and diagnosis of indoor plant diseases.

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