Is Alex Beresford Gay? The Truth About His Sexuality

Is Alex Beresford Gay? Alexander Beresford is a well-known face on our TV sets because he is an English weather presenter for ITV. Both his job and his personal life have caught the public’s attention. Beresford was born in Bristol, England. He has both English and Guyanese roots, which show the rich variety of his past.

He has deep roots in his city. He grew up in the Eastville neighborhood of Bristol and went to St. Thomas More RC School, which is now called Fairfield High School.

But because there are always TV cameras around, Beresford’s personal life is often in the center. This has led to a lot of rumors about his sexuality circulating on the internet.

In this article, we look into the details to find out what’s really going on with this part of the TV star’s life.

Who is Alex Beresford?

Alexander Beresford is an English person who works for ITV as a weather reporter. Beresford was born in the English city of Bristol.

His father is from Guyana and his mother is from England. He grew up in the Bristol neighborhood of Eastville and went to St. Thomas More RC School, which is now called Fairfield High School.

Is Alex Beresford Gay?

Beresford mostly worked for the ITV West show The West Tonight, which was based in Bristol. He started out as a teleprompter operator in August 2004, but in 2005, he went back to school to learn how to be a weather reporter.

Is Alex Beresford Gay?

Alex Beresford is not gay, that’s a no. Even though there are a lot of stories and guesses about Alex Beresford’s sexuality floating around the internet, there is no proof that he is gay.

It’s important to remember that reports like this can be caused by a number of things, like the fact that he’s often in the news and that there are a lot of shirtless pictures of him online, which may have caught the attention of some people.

But when talking about someone’s sexual preference, it’s important to use facts and information you can trust. Even though Beresford hasn’t talked about his sexuality in public and has chosen to keep it private, his dating history and relationships definitely suggest that he is straight.

Who is Alex Beresford Wife or Husband?

Alex Beresford and his wife, Imogen McKay, are very happy together. In August 2020, they went on their first date, which was set up by a common friend as a blind date.

Two years later, on New Year’s Day, Alex asked the woman to marry him while they were on a beach in Deia, Mallorca. In September 2022, they went back to Mallorca to get married at the beautiful clifftop temple on the estate of Son Marroig, which has a great view.

Is Alex Beresford Gay?

Even though they had planned their wedding nine months in advance, the couple did not know that it would happen on the same day as the public burial of Queen Elizabeth.

Alex started his wedding day by paying an emotional tribute to the king in the morning. “I got up very early and watched the beginning of the funeral on TV in a village café,” he said, expanding on his “tribute.”

Cruz, who used to date Alex, carried the rings and was Alex’s little best man. His brother and cousin were his servers. Alex’s two best friends, both named Leon, were his best men. The host said that Alex couldn’t hold back his tears as he watched Imogen walk down the aisle, so his heart wasn’t just warmed by his son.

He told Hello! magazine, “My heart skipped a beat when I turned around and saw Imogen walking toward me. She was stunningly beautiful in a classic way, and she looked just like I’d imagined.”

The weatherman went on to say that his cousin thought the service was “like being in a movie,” but that “marrying the woman he loves” was the most important part of their day. Imogen agreed that it made her feel very sad to see Alex at the altar.

Who was Alex Beresford’s Previous Spouse?

Alex was in a long-term relationship with Natalia Beresford before he married Imogen. That relationship ended in late 2019. Even though they chose to stay together, Natalia and Cruz, who was eight years old at the time, moved out just two weeks before the first lockdown.

Alex didn’t expect to be single at age 40, so he didn’t know what to do with himself during this time. In an honest chat on the podcast Get Britain Talking, he talked about how he felt about the sudden change in his life, saying:

“It’s been quite a journey. At 20, I didn’t imagine I’d be facing this situation as I approached 40. It’s a little scary, but I don’t feel old. Even if I wanted to go on a date, I couldn’t because of security.

I don’t want to grow old alone; life is meant to be shared. I hope to meet someone in the future, but they have to be right for both me and Cruz.”

Alex also talked about how hard it was for him when Natalia had to stay alone for 14 days and he couldn’t see Cruz. He said that this time was “really lonely,” but he stressed that his strength came from the people who were there for him.

He went on to say that he and Natalia had decided to break up. “I’m not someone who gives up easily, and I hate giving up,” he said. We tried to work things out, but in the end, we all realized that going away was best for everyone, even though it wasn’t easy.

Even though Alex and Natalia knew they were breaking up, they stayed in the same house until the beginning of the next year. He knew that they had to take their time to figure things out and couldn’t be in a hurry.

Surprisingly, even though they knew they weren’t together, being in the same house helped them get along better, reducing the stress and demands that often come with being in a relationship. Alex stressed how important it is to let someone in and talk about what you’re going through when things are hard.



Alex Beresford, an English weather presenter for ITV, is known for his personal life and rumors about his sexuality. He is not gay and has chosen to keep it private. Beresford and his wife, Imogen McKay, got married in September 2022 in Mallorca.

They had planned their wedding nine months in advance, but it happened on the same day as Queen Elizabeth’s public burial. Beresford was in a long-term relationship with Natalia Beresford before marrying Imogen.

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