Is Cg5 Gay? Exploring the Speculation Surrounding His Sexual Orientation

Is Cg5 Gay? Charles Duncan “Charlie” Green V is an American YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and music producer who goes by the online name CG5. He makes original songs, remixes, and covers based on popular things like video games and jokes.

People think CG5 is gay because his music is based on memes and he has to act like a meme in his music videos. This is based on internet sexuality speculation.

Then CG5 must be gay, right? Or are these stories just not true? Let’s go ahead and read the story so we can find out the truth about the YouTuber’s sexuality.

Is CG5 Gay?

CG5 is not gay, no. Since the start of his online job, talented content creator CG5 has been accused of being gay a lot. In 2018, he shared a picture of himself and his friend on X, saying how happy he was to see his friend after 8 months. This started the rumors.

Is Cg5 Gay?

He wrote:

“I’d like to announce that I’m gonna get to see my best friend @Dolvondo in a little over a week. After 8 months of not being able to see him in person.

You have no idea how happy I am, and how happy I am going to be.”

People thought that CG5 was in a long-distance gay relationship with him, but this was not the case.

He put an end to the gay rumors when he tweeted on October 2, 2018, “No, we’re not gay…,” leaving no room for discussion.

Because CG5 has said over and over again that he is straight, it is important to take his own words as the final word on his sexual preference.

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Who’s CG5 Dating Now?

At the moment, CG5 is not seeing anyone. In an interview with Matt Fitzburg, the 24-year-old singer from Arizona said that he is autistic. This may be one reason why he prefers to stay single.

Is Cg5 Gay?

Because of this, there isn’t much known about his past relationships. It’s important to clear up the claims that CG5 was dating fellow YouTuber Euria Sin, who goes by the name OR30.

But CG5 himself put an end to these rumors in a tweet from September 22, 2019, in which he said, “No, we’re not dating, stop.” The focus of CG5’s work seems to be on his love of making songs and entertaining his fans, which shows how talented and creative he is.


CG5, an American YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and music producer, has been accused of being gay due to his music based on memes. However, CG5 denied the rumors, stating that he is straight and not in a long-distance relationship.

He shared a picture of himself and his friend, Dolvondo, in 2018, which sparked the rumors. CG5 has stated that he is autistic and prefers to stay single, and there is little known about his past relationships.

He also denied dating fellow YouTuber Euria Sin, who goes by OR30. CG5’s focus on creating songs and entertaining fans demonstrates his talent and creativity.

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