Is Big Zulu Gay? Unraveling the Facts About His Sexual Identity

Is Big Zulu Gay? Siyabonga Nene, who goes by the stage name “Big Zulu,” has had a big effect on the South African music scene. Big Zulu has earned his place in the spotlight after the release of the single “Donsa Nkabi” in 2016 and later record deals with Universal Music.

His albums “Ushun Wenkabi” (2018), “Ungqongqoshe Wongqongqoshe” (2019), and “Ichwane Lenyoka” (2021), which topped the charts, have helped him become a well-known rapper and singer. On the other hand, reports about his sexuality have been going around the internet for a long time, especially because of a picture of a gay wedding that went viral.

In this article, we’ll try to find out what’s true about Big Zulu’s sexuality and separate fact from fiction.

Who is Big Zulu?

Siyabonga Nene is a South African rapper and singer who is better known by his stage name, Big Zulu. After putting out the song “Donsa Nkabi” in 2016, he became more well-known.

In 2015, he got a record deal with Universal Music. His first two albums, Ushun Wenkabi (2018) and Ungqongqoshe Wongqoshe (2019), came out in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Is Big Zulu Gay?

The songs “Mali Eningi,” “Inhlupheko,” and “Umuzi eSandton” from Zulu’s third studio album, Ichwane Lenyoka (2021), all went to the top of the charts. The Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) said that the lead song “Mali Eningi” was worth two platinums.

Is Big Zulu Gay?

Big Zulu is not gay, though. There were rumors about Big Zulu’s sexuality after shots of him at gay weddings made their way onto the internet. Even after it was made clear that it wasn’t Big Zulu who got married, some Internet users still insisted that it was him in the pictures.

The long-running rumors about his sexuality were only made worse by these popular pictures. In this way, the 37-year-old rapper has always been under close watch. People started to think he might be gay because of the poses he often posts on social media.

Some people thought the stances made him look like a woman. But it’s important to point out that his poses have nothing to do with how he really feels about himself.

In fact, Big Zulu has dated women in the past, which is more than enough proof that he is straight. Because of this, reports about his sexuality should be taken with a grain of salt.

Who’s Big Zulu Dating Now?

There are a lot of claims and rumors about Big Zulu’s relationship status online, but there isn’t a lot of official or verified information accessible. Some sources say he is dating Lebogang Makenete, while others say he is married with two kids.

Is Big Zulu Gay?

In the past, there were reports that Big Zulu was friends with Bonang Matheba. Fans started to believe these rumors when both Big Zulu and Bonang shared flirty videos on Instagram. Bonang even posted a number of stories that hinted at a romantic connection, saying, “A Zulu man will sweep you off your feet. “Be careful.”

But it’s important to note that these reports about dating were never officially confirmed, so Big Zulu’s relationship status is still unknown.



Siyabonga Nene, known as Big Zulu, is a well-known South African rapper and singer known for his albums “Ushun Wenkabi” (2018), “Ungqongqoshe Wongqongqoshe” (2019), and “Ichwane Lenyoka” (2021).

Despite rumors about his sexuality, he is not gay. His past relationships with women and his relationship status with Bonang Matheba have been a subject of speculation, but these have not been officially confirmed.

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