Laphonza Butler Wife: The Woman Behind His Success and Happiness

Laphonza Butler, the new senator for California, has been in the news because she is the first Black woman and mother to serve in this position. In addition to her outstanding work, many people want to know, “Is Laphonza Butler married?” Yes, that is the clear answer.

She is married to Neneki Lee, who has been an important player in the labor movement for more than twenty years.

Who is Laphonza Butler?

Most people know Laphonza Butler for her work as a Democrat in politics. Before she was appointed to the Senate, she was well-known as the head of Emily’s List, a PAC whose goal is to help Democratic women candidates who support abortion rights get elected.

She was born to parents from the working class. She started her job in the early 2000s after getting a bachelor’s degree in political science and government from Jackson State University.

laphonza butler wife

She was also a Senior Advisor for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the head of the Service Employees International Union’s Local 2015, where she pushed for policies like raising the minimum wage in California to $15.

In 2015, Butler told the Los Angeles Times, “We need to figure out how to build the largest possible movement to solve big problems.” “The climate is in trouble. The method for dealing with crime is broken. We have low income. Our problems are no longer between one union and one plant. It will take all of us to work together to solve these problems.”

Butler is usually at home with her husband, Neneki Lee, and their daughter, Nylah, when she’s not at work.

Where is Laphonza Butler from?

Butler’s work in California has been noticed, but she is not from California like most of the state’s leaders. According to stories on the Internet, she was born in Mississippi.

The New York Post says that a report with the Federal Election Commission says she hasn’t lived in California since at least September 2021. She has been living in Maryland instead, but a spokeswoman for Newsom’s office said that she is getting ready to move back to the Golden State.

“Butler has lived in and owned a home in California for a long time. When she became head of Emily’s List, she moved to the DC area. The source told The Post that Butler has already re-registered to vote in California. At this point, Butler hasn’t said anything about where she lives.

Who is Neneki Lee, Laphonza Butler’s wife?

Lee is known for her work with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which covers almost 2 million workers in the United States and Canada. She is also known as Butler’s wife.

laphonza butler wife

Lee started the organization in November 1997 as the national director of public services. Now, according to her LinkedIn profile, she is the deputy to the secretary-treasurer.

At the moment, we don’t know much more about Lee’s personal life because she stays out of the press.



Laphonza Butler, the first Black woman and mother to serve in the California Senate, is married to Neneki Lee, a prominent labor activist. Butler, known for her work as the head of Emily’s List and Senior Advisor for Hillary Clinton, has been living in Maryland since September 2021.

She is married to Neneki Lee, who has been involved in the Service Employees International Union for over 20 years.

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