Is Sam Altman’s Married? Does He Have a Wife?

Is Sam Altman Married? Sam Altman is an American business owner, investor, and programmer who has made important advances in the world of technology.

As the co-founder of Loopt, the past president of Y Combinator, and the current CEO of OpenAI, he has made a name for himself in the business world.

Sam has had a successful business career, but he has also been in the news a lot about his personal life, especially his relationship.

In this article, we’ll look into this topic and try to find out the truth about the OpenAI CEO’s relationship status. This will shed light on a part of Sam Altman that has made many people curious.

Who is Sam Altman?

Samuel Harris Altman is a business owner, investor, and coder from the United States. He is the leader of OpenAI and helped start Loopt. He used to be the head of Y Combinator and was the CEO of Reddit for a short time.

Altman grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and is Jewish. His mother is a skin doctor. At the age of eight, he got his first computer. He went to school at John Burroughs. After one year of studying computer science at Stanford University, he dropped out in 2005 without getting a bachelor’s degree.

Is Sam Altman Married? Does He Have a Wife?

Sam Altman is currently not married, so he does not have a wife. And since Sam Altman is publicly gay, he might not have a wife but a husband.

Oliver Mulherin, who is from Australia, is Sam Altman’s boyfriend right now. Sam’s boyfriend works in the computer business, just like Sam. Oliver is a software engineer and has a job.

Is Sam Altman Married?

We don’t know the exact circumstances of how the couple met, but it’s possible that the fact that they both work in similar areas brought them together.

As was already said, Oliver and Sam work in the same field. Since 2017, his boyfriend Oliver has worked at the IOTA Foundation as a software worker. He made his living by making software.

Oliver was born and raised in Australia, and he is a citizen of that country. He got a Bachelor of Computing and Software Systems from the University of Melbourne.

Sam and his partner Mulherin live in a house on Russian Hill in the middle of San Francisco. They like to spend most of their Fridays at the ranch in a shady spot surrounded by grassy, rocky hills.

A new article in New York Magazine says that Sam Altman may soon have to choose between being a father and protecting people from AI.

The person who made the famous talking AI chatbot told New York Magazine that he and his Australian programmer boyfriend, whom he calls “Ollie,” hope to start a family soon.

Altman is the oldest of four brothers. He grew up in a “middle-class Jewish family,” and he likes big families.

Who Has Sam Altman Dated?

Sam Altman used to date Nick Sivo, who helped start Loopt, for almost 9 years. Altman is said to have said this about Nick to The New Yorker:

“I thought I was going to marry him—very in love with him.”

Loopt is a start-up that Altman and Sivo, who used to be his boyfriend but is no longer, started. Altman said that because he worked so hard on Loopt, he got scurvy.

According to a story in New York Magazine, the couple broke up in 2004 after selling their business in 2012.



Sam Altman, the co-founder of Loopt and former president of Y Combinator, is currently the CEO of OpenAI. He is not married and may have a wife, possibly due to his public homosexuality. Altman and his Australian boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin, work in the same field and live in San Francisco.

They have been in a relationship since 2017, and Altman has previously been in a relationship with Nick Sivo, who helped start Loopt. The couple broke up in 2004 after selling their business in 2012.

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