Top 5 Nintendo Games Mods for GTA 5 in 2023: From Arwing to Mario Bros.

Top 5 Nintendo Games Mods for GTA 5: Nintendo is a gaming company with a lot of games that have been around longer than the GTA games. It is now a separate game platform with its own group of loyal fans.

Grand Theft Auto games are much more advanced than most Nintendo games, but fans like Nintendo games because they are easy to play and remind them of their childhood.

And for those who like a mix of both, modders have made Grand Theft Auto 5 play like a Nintendo game.

This article lists the top five mods for GTA 5 that are based on Nintendo games that every player should try if they want to feel nostalgic.

Five of the best mods for Nintendo to try in GTA 5:-

5) Star Fox: Arwing

The Arwing is one of the most well-known spaceships in the Nintendo universe, and the Star Fox Team uses it often on their tasks. Even though Rockstar Games doesn’t let players go to space, you can still fly the Arwing in the game world with this GTA 5 mod.

Developer KAFAROS has made a very detailed plane that all three main characters in the game can fly. The Arwing is very easy to turn, and you can quickly hit high speeds.

The plane also has two machine guns on the front of it. But you have to spawn it in a large area for it to take off without taking any damage.

4) Super Mario Bros.

With the Super Mario Bros. mod by Zen Gamer, you can change the main character Michael De Santa to look like Mario.

Top 5 Nintendo Games Mods for GTA 5

The real Mario in the Nintendo Universe is short and cute, but the modded Mario in Michael’s pose looks funny.

The popular character in GTA 5 gets Mario’s red and blue outfit, white gloves, red cap, thick mustache, and eyebrows. You can also get a race cart from the modder to use in the game.

3) Link (Wind Waker)

Link is one of the most well-known figures in the world of Nintendo games. He is part of the series The Legend of Zelda, where he helps the princess. The character was made by the modder TheFriedturkey, who also made the famous GTA 5 mod that lets you play as Link.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can do different things as Link. The character can use a variety of tools, such as a knife, machine gun, sniper rifle, pistol, and many more. You can also fight with people on the street and cops.

Link’s face doesn’t change, but his arms and legs do. Still, there are times when the figure still looks cute.

2) Mario Kart 8 – Default Kart

The Mario Kart 8 mod for GTA 5 lets players explore the State of San Andreas in a Mario Kart, which is a fun thing to do. The mod was made by TheNathanNS. They say that players can drive the kart that comes with the Nintendo game.

Top 5 Nintendo Games Mods for GTA 5

The modified car floats above the ground. But since it replaces a car from GTA 5, you can still hear the tires screech and the engine noises while moving. Also, the hitbox is the same size as the car it replaces. The car goes fast enough and handles well enough.

Any of the main characters can drive the kart, but it’s more fun to use a Mario character skin.

1) Super Mario and Bomb-Omb

Mario is an important part of the Nintendo series, and GTA 5 mods follow the same idea. Even though there are already three main characters in the game, modder Quechus13 lets you play as Mario himself. It’s a character mod that makes Mario bigger in the game.

He can use different guns, and his huge size makes it easy to cause trouble on the streets. You can also play as Bob-omb, a character who is even bigger than Mario. Fans will want to see it in Grand Theft Auto 6 because it is one of the most fun things to try in the game.



Nintendo’s Grand Theft Auto 5 has been reimagined with five mods that evoke nostalgia.

The Arwing, a well-known spaceship, can be flung into the game world, while Super Mario Bros. allows players to change the main character Michael De Santa to look like Mario. Link (Wind Waker) can be played as Link, and Mario Kart 8 – Default Kart allows players to explore San Andreas in a modified car.

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