Is Jordan Barrett Gay? The Model Opens Up About His Sexuality and Marriage

Is Jordan Barrett Gay? People are often curious about Australian fashion model Jordan Barrett’s personal life because the fashion world is so mysterious. Barrett has left a lasting mark on the fashion world. He was named “Model of the Year” by and “Model It Boy of the New Era” by Vogue.

Aside from his impressive work, people have asked about his personal life, especially his sexuality. With honors like The GQ Awards’ “Man of Style” award, Jordan Barrett’s life and personality continue to fascinate and interest both fashion fans and the general public.

We look into the question that has gotten a lot of people interested: Is Jordan Barrett gay? Keep reading this piece to find out the truth about how a model identifies.

Who is Jordan Barrett?

Jordan Kale Barrett is a prominent fashion model hailing from Australia. He was designated as the “Model of the Year” by Barrett has been referred to as the “Model It Boy of the New Era” by Vogue. Barrett was also honored with the “Man Of Style” accolade at The GQ Awards.

Is Jordan Barrett Gay?

Barrett’s talent was recognized at the age of 14 by a representative of IMG Australia specializing in model scouting. Barrett’s appearance in the September 2015 editions of VMAN magazine and Arena Homme+ SS Magazine, photographed by Stephen Klein, marked a notable milestone in his career.

Is Jordan Barrett Gay?

Yes, it’s clear that Jordan Barrett is gay. People thought the 26-year-old model was straight until August 2021, when he came out as gay. When Barett got married to Fernando Augusto Casablancas, a fellow model and the son of the late modeling agency boss John Casablancas, it was clear that he was gay.

This important event not only proved that he was gay, but it was also a turning point in his own life. Barrett married someone of the same gender. By doing this, he was true to himself and set a powerful example of authenticity in the fashion business and beyond.

In the spotlights of their competitors, this year have been many renowned celebrities. There are numerous well-known personalities here, such as Craig Revel Horwood and Sean Strickland. But we think all the questions that our readers had have been covered in our blogs. We trust this clarifies your inquiry concerning the sexual orientation of jordan barrett.

Who’s Jordan Barrett Dating?

After getting married to his boyfriend, Fernando Augusto Casablancas, Jordan Barrett is not seeing anyone right now. At first, their path to marriage was kept secret. On July 20, Jordan posted on Instagram to share the happy news that they were getting engaged.

Is Jordan Barrett Gay?

At the time, he didn’t tell his followers anymore about the connection, other than the fact that he was ready to start a new part of his life. In an unexpected turn of events, it came out that Jordan Barrett and Fernando Casablancas had gotten married in a small ceremony.

The wedding took place in Ibiza, and it was a small, close-knit event. Famous people from the fashion world, like the famous Kate Moss, who brought the rings, were there. Georgia May Jagger, who is also well-known as a model, was also there. But, even though they were happy about getting married at first, Casablancas confirmed in 2022 that the two had chosen to split up.

Who Jordan Barrett has Dated?

Aside from his relationship with his boyfriend, Jordan Barrett’s love life has been the subject of a lot of talk and attention from the media. MailOnline says that over the years, he has been tied to a long list of famous women, such as Paris Hilton, Lara Stone, Hailey Baldwin, and Sofia Richie.

There were even rumors that she had a relationship with fellow model Stella Maxwell for a while. Also, there were rumors at one time that he was dating the American model Bella Hadid. Because of these high-profile connections, Jordan Barrett’s personal life is even more mysterious, and he is often talked about in the world of famous gossip.


Australian fashion model Jordan Barrett, known for his achievements, has been a subject of curiosity and speculation. He has been named “Model of the Year” by and “Model It Boy of the New Era” by Vogue. Barrett’s life and personality continue to fascinate fashion fans and the public.

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