RDR2 Bonus Ending: What It Means and How to Get It

RDR2 Bonus Ending Explained: With its changing honor system, Red Dead Redemption II has many different endings for Arthur Morgan’s part of the story, based on how the player played the game. No matter if they picked the black hat or the white hat, players still have to see how Arthur dies before they can play the game’s ending as John Marston.

But what many players don’t know is that Red Dead Redemption II also has a short extra ending that you can only find when you finish the game 100%. In it, John goes to Arthur’s grave to put a sad finish on the epic Western. Here’s a look at what you have to do in RDR2 to get to the secret finish.

How to Unlock the Red Dead Redemption 2 Bonus Ending?

It’s important to remember that completing a game 100% doesn’t mean doing everything there is to do in it. That would take a ridiculous amount of time.

RDR2 Bonus Ending Explained

Completers who want this ending should use the pause menu to keep track of their progress, but in general, players will need to do almost everything, including stranger missions, finding collectibles, hunting (including Legendary Animals), fishing, and visiting places of interest.

In addition to maxing out horse bonding and all nine tasks, players should also try to max out John’s health, stamina, and dead eye. On the “other” side of things, players must finish a number of jobs to get 100% completion: Find five shacks and play all the social games. Talk to five ranters, ravers, and campaigners. Take one bath, watch one show, and go to the theater in Saint-Denis.

What Does the Hidden Ending of RDR2 Entail?

When that 100 percent mark is reached, a short movie starts with John standing in front of Arthur’s grave on a hillside in Beecher’s Hope. John says, “Guess we’re almost done, my friend,” both to Arthur and to the player. He also writes these same words in his diary, but adds “It’s been quite a journey.”

“Unshaken,” the moving song that is often thought of as Arthur’s theme, makes the scene more powerful. Even though it is short, the scene is the perfect ending to a long story that presents one of the most famous characters in recent years.

RDR2 Bonus Ending Explained

At first, Arthur didn’t want to take John under his wing, but as the story went on, he started to treat him like a brother or a son. Arthur did everything he could to make sure that the Marston family didn’t get stuck in the same cruel trap as he did. He saved John’s son and helped him get out of a maximum security prison.

Arthur uses his last moments to let Marston escape and start a new life with his wife and child. This is for the people who finished his story with great honor and chose to help John. As his life force leaves him, he tells Dutch van der Linde, who is out of control, “John made it. No one else is like him. What about us? No. I did try.

I did it in the end.” It’s only fair that once players have done everything there is to do in the world of Red Dead Redemption II, John visits the grave of the man who saved his life many times and eventually gave his life so that he and his family could escape the collapse of the van der Linde gang.


Red Dead Redemption II has various endings for Arthur Morgan’s story, depending on the player’s choice. However, completing the game 100% unlocks a short extra ending where John visits Arthur’s grave to put a sad finish on the epic Western.

To unlock this ending, players must complete various tasks, such as horse bonding, hunting, fishing, and visiting places of interest. The hidden ending is a short movie where John stands in front of Arthur’s grave, expressing his gratitude for his help and the chance to escape the van der Linde gang.

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