Cyberpunk vs GTA 5: Which Game is Better for You?

Cyberpunk vs. GTA 5: After a few minutes of playing Cyberpunk 2077, many of us undoubtedly wanted our money back because it didn’t feel anything like The Witcher 2077. In terms of how it’s played, it’s more like Grand Theft Auto than anything else. The whole game is just one huge city, and the story is more or less a rags-to-riches tale with a cyberpunk sheen. Well, to be fair, that’s what was promised, so it makes sense.

So, playing the game the same way you play The Witcher 3 won’t give you the best experience. But it would be more accurate to compare the game to Grand Theft Auto 5.

It’s an open-world game that’s similar to the GTA games because Night City, which is a mix of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, is the real star of the story, not the main character or the bad guys. Compared to Los Santos, how does it do?

We tried to compare the two games in this piece. Now that we’ve had time to think about it, we’ve gone over the reasons we gave for both names and added a few more.

Cyberpunk 2077: RPG Elements

The GTA series may have made open-world games more famous, but there’s no question that open-world games are better for RPGs than just sandbox games. In the last ten years, many new RPGs have been like this.

Cyberpunk is better for immersion because it has character growth systems that are more personal and make it easier to make your character unique. Also, it’s always more fun to get new skills and not just new clothes or weapons than to just get rich and buy houses or cars.

GTA 5: A Long History of Working Ideas

Still, not many games can match or beat GTA when it comes to open-world tasks and gameplay. Its story moves like a movie, which makes the players care more about the drama and background of the characters.

Cyberpunk Vs GTA 5

Even though it doesn’t have a lot of RPG options, GTA makes up for it by making each task different and wackier than the last. Also, if players wanted more of it, they could look at older games, while Cyberpunk 2077 players don’t have much to do after they finish the short RPG story.

 Cyberpunk 2077: Setting in a Cyberpunk World

Well, the clue is in the name, but Cyberpunk 2077’s best feature is where it takes place. The world is so full of corruption, apathy, violence, and overt sexuality that GTA’s claimed haven of debauchery looks like a child’s playground next to it.

There’s also the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the few games to have a full-fledged, fully open-world cyberpunk setting of the same size. GTA, on the other hand, has been making the same kind of modern open-world game for a long time and might need to change things up a bit.

GTA 5: More Things to Do

Now, Cyberpunk 2077 may or may not have been released before it was ready, but the mess around its release optimization and how empty the game is right now suggests that it could get better in the future. As it stands, there is more to do in the GTA games than in Cyberpunk 2077.

There may be side quests, but some of the normal things that make a city or place more interesting and unique are missing. GTA 5 has a lot of them, like bounty hunts, making movies, golfing, and trading stocks. Then there are the older GTA games, which have even more of these kinds of things to do.

Cyberpunk 2077: Maps are bigger

As assumed, Cyberpunk 2077 is a lot bigger than GTA 5, since it was made a lot more recently. Night City and the area around it are about 100 square kilometers, so there is more space for everyone to play. Los Santos and the surrounding forests in GTA 5 only take up about 75 square kilometers.

So, neither place can be called small, but it’s clear that Night City is the bigger sandbox. Because of this, there are more things to see and places to go. And it’s the right place for several spin-offs to take place.

GTA 5: Change Character

In 2077, you can only play as one person. You can make them look different, but they are still the same person. In GTA 5, you can switch between three different characters, which gives you more freedom.

Cyberpunk Vs GTA 5

Even though they are all men and two of them are old crooks, players can still see the game from different points of view. It also makes more sense to have different play styles than to have one super-everyman do all the hacking, moving, and shooting like a pro.

Cyberpunk 2077: Better map orientation

It’s safe to say that the buildings in Cyberpunk 2077 are higher than those in GTA 5. Mega-corporations are a big part of most cyberpunk settings, and they love building Babel towers that reach up to heaven. Players get to see one of these, a 100-floor building, in the game.

Beyond that, the general verticality of Cyberpunk 2077 is just amazing, from V’s apartment building to the layers of streets and roads that wind around like a maze. Night City is not only bigger than Los Santos, but it also has more things to see and do.

GTA 5: Deeper “From Rags to Riches” Story

In Cyberpunk 2077, the trip from being a nobody to a hero isn’t very detailed or complicated. Some players were even disappointed to find out that a lot of V’s prologue was skipped and only shown as an opening cutscene. This means that the part where players set up a stable base in Night City doesn’t exist in the game.

In this way, GTA 5 is better, especially when it comes to Franklin’s growth as a major player in the criminal underworld along with two other old pros. This is also something that other GTA games do better than Cyberpunk 2077, making the main characters more likable or dear.

The Graphics in Cyberpunk 2077 are Better

It goes without saying that the best version of GTA 5 came out more than five years before Cyberpunk 2077. Even though it doesn’t look like the best game right now, it still works well. Even so, Cyberpunk 2077 for PC is the most visually appealing game right now. The versions for the next-generation consoles are also not that far behind.

The amazing lighting and shading effects made possible by RTX technology and CD Projekt RED’s game engine, which was built from the ground up, are reason enough to buy the game, provided you already have the hardware to run it.

GTA 5: Online Component

Once a player is done with the single-player parts of GTA 5, they can still have a lot of fun online wrecking Los Santos and racing to the death. Some online games even allow you to make your own mods and modes.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a great experience, but it can only be played by one person at a time, which can be lonely for many people. Night City doesn’t have any social features, and there aren’t many people to look up to.

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